12 Best Apps to Track Your Health and Fitness for 2019

Of course, everyone agrees that exercising every day would be ideal. However, actually sticking to a fitness schedule that works no matter what comes your way, is much easier said than done. Getting in a workout is often the first to-do that gets dropped off your busy list.

Despite how unimportant people often feel their fitness is, studies continue to show how essential working up a sweat can be for physical and mental fitness. Even squeezing in a few minutes each day has been proven to boost energy, happiness, and productivity. So exercise could help you cross items off that list faster than ever.

Staying fit doesn’t have to be restrictive or negative experience. Just taking small steps every day can make a big difference. For example, even just tracking what you eat for a few days can open your eyes to how often you mindlessly eat. That awareness will make a huge difference over time. The key is to make your relationship to fitness work for you. If you hate running, that’s okay! There are plenty of ways to get cardio in that isn’t running. Or if you don’t like lifting weights, try out a few pilates exercises to build muscle tone.

So even if you can’t commit to going to a gym every day, or a scheduled yoga class, or anything else, there’s always still away to make it easier to get a workout in. Thanks to smartphones, all you really need is an app or two that work for you. There are hundreds of great apps out there designed to help you learn exercises, keep track of your nutrition, and connect with a community that motivates you.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out these great fitness apps. Whether you want only apps that help you stay on your diet, or need a little help with various workouts, you’re sure to find one that’s useful for you on this list by Bestow:


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