3 Baby Products Organic Mom’s Need Now


Wow you’re a new MOM and you want the very best for your little one! New moms and moms-to-be know motherhood is a world of discovery and decision-making. There are so many questions you have about what is best and healthiest choices for your baby. Like all Mother’s you want to make sure that you make the right choices in a world filled with so much toxicity and harmful pollutants. Your baby’s life in your hands and you love that little one with all your heart so I know that you want to give your baby the very best!

Which products are safe?

What kind of baby food is the healthiest?

How can I care for my baby most naturally?

Motherhood can be an overwhelming and confusing journey, and to help you navigate it, below is three recommended organic products for healthy, natural families.

1. Organic swaddle blankets

One great brand is

  • aden + anais simplifies parenthood by offering versatile and beautiful swaddle blankets made with the premium fabric cotton muslin. The organic swaddles line features soft blankets gentle on baby’s skin designed to sooth baby and promote a safe sleeping environment. These organic swaddles are made of blissful GOTS certified organic cotton muslin and produced by environmentally friendly manufacturing. Swaddling helps transitions baby from the womb by creating a feeling of security and coziness. Baby also has a more restful and peaceful sleep because swaddling helps prevent startle reflexes, which wakes up your baby.


The aden + anais organic breathable swaddle blankets are available online in four different collections: wise guys, (PRODUCT)RED special edition, once upon a time and into the woods. Wrap baby up in a soft blue and gray wise guys swaddle adorned with sleeping owls or calm baby in a leaf-patterned swaddle in soft blue hues—prints and color schemes can match any style preference.

2. Organic Diapers

When it comes to diapers, natural moms prefer organic cotton diapers. Organic cotton is free of pesticides, chemicals and toxins like chlorine and formaldehyde, and most moms find they are less likely to cause diaper rash, irritation and other sensitivity issues.

Not only are organic cotton diapers healthy for baby, they’re healthy for the environment. The Real Diaper Association offers these facts:

  •  More than 92 percent of all single-use diapers end up in landfills.
  • Disposable diapers are the third largest consumer item in landfills.
  • A disposable diaper is estimated to take 250-500 years to decompose.
 A well-known brand of organic diapers is –Loveybums organic cotton diapers are made with certified organic cotton fleece, a quick-drying snap-in soaker and a top layer of organic velour. Choose between hand-dyed colors or natural (undyed). Loveybums also offers organic velour quick-dry or hand-dyed diapers. These diapers are soft and absorbent, although you will need a diaper cover to prevent leaking.

3.  Organic Baby Foods

From the nursery to the kitchen, Plum Organics has nutritional eating for your little one covered. Nourish your baby with these healthy food products:

  • Little Yums: Baby teething wafers available in blueberry fig, pumpkin banana and spinach apple kale.
  • Stage 3 Meals: Flavorful baby food pouches packed with protein, veggies and fiber.
  • Just Fruit: 100 percent pureed organic fruits for introducing stage one baby foods.
  • Second Blends: Stage two baby foods made of blended organic fruit and veggies
  • Super Puffs: Bite-sized snack puffs made with whole grains, organic veggies and fruit.
  • Hello Morning: Nourishing breakfast food made with whole grains and fruit.
  • Hello Meals: Stage three baby food full of oats, quinoa, chia and fruit.
  • Just Veggies: 100 percent organic vegetable blends for introducing baby to solid foods.

Plum Organics is committed to sustainable packaging, too. The cap to the pouches are made from recyclable plastic, and cartons are made from 100 percent recycled paperboard and can be recycled.

 Many of us our living with limited budgets and buying pre-packaged organic baby food just isn’t possible, but not worry you can still give your baby the healthiest food possible! Check out Huffington Post DIY organic baby food recipes and instructions that are easy and economical. You can give your baby the very best and make sure they have the healthiest start in an unhealthy world. Make your own that is organic and you are sure is pesticide free, GMO-free, preservative free and no chemical additives for a fraction of the cost. Make sure your baby gets the very best whether you make it or you purchase it from a reputable certified organic company.







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