3 DIY Recycled Backyard Furniture Ideas 

If you feel it’s time to upgrade the looks of your backyard, it’s a good idea to gather some woodworking tools, and equipment, and start a DIY project. We are going to be looking at some awesome and easy to build backyard furniture projects that will make you want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

3 DIY Recycled Backyard Furniture Ideas

1. DIY Toadstools

Almost every house has some big old-fashioned wooden bowls lying around gathering dust. Even if you don’t recall collecting them, or you can get them for cheap. This idea is so creative that it was featured in an issue of the Family Fun magazine.

You Will Need

1. Old wooden salad bowl

2. Wooden logs
It’s easy to find wooden logs cut out of old trees. Often, people use their best table saw to prepare logs of the right sizes.

3. Spray paint

4. White duct tape
Don’t confuse with the transparent duct tape.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step #1
Clean the outside of your wooden bowls.

Step #2
Put them on newspapers outside and spray them with paint.

Step #3
Cut the white duct tape into small circles and stick them all over the wooden bowls.

Step #4
Drill a hole in the middle of each bowl.

Step #5
Screw the mushroom caps you’ve just made out of the wooden bowls to wooden logs and voila! You just got a funky stool to sit on in your backyard.

diy backyard furniture

2. DIY Upcycled Door Beverage Station

Who doesn’t want to make their backyard their favorite place to chill out? If you like the idea of hanging out with your buddies and having a few drinks in your backyard, you will dig this DIY project!

You Will Need

1. Old wooden door

2. Spindles

3. A Shelf

4. 2 planks of wood
Almost anything will work scrap wood, pallet wood, etc.

5. A Hand Sander

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step #1
Clean up all the items

Step #2
Sand everything down with the hand sander.

Step #3
Lay the door down on two sawhorses.

Step #4
Use right angle braces in order to line up and arrange the bottom shelf.

Step #5
Come from underneath, drill pilot holes and add screws from the back portion of the door.

Step #6
Add the spindles after measuring the spacing, drill pilot holes and attach screws from underneath.

Step #7
Use the right angle braces and attach the top shelf using screws from the back and then straight down into the spindles.

Step #8
Add a new wood shelf below the previous one by cutting sections of the additional spindles at an approx 45 degree angle. That’s all you need for an outdoor bar!

3. DIY Crate Stool Storage

Who doesn’t have a couple of crates lying around in the storeroom? You can use them to make a comfortable seating arrangement in your backyard. The best part? These stools double up as storage units!

You Will Need

1. Crates

2. Fabric
You don’t need a lot just enough for the surface of your stools.

3. Foam mattress pad
If you have an old mattress that you don’t like to sleep on anymore, you’ve got this covered.

4. Plywood

5. Staple gun
Tool of choice for this project.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step #1
Cut the piece of plywood and foam to the appropriate size.

Step #2
Cut the fabric to size

Step #3
Staple (or glue) the fabric with foam inside the plywood piece.

Step #4
Staple the cushion made in the last step to the bottom of the crate. Your cozy stool is ready!

diy backyard furniture


There are countless success stories online of people who managed to spruce up their home’s exteriors all by themselves. Whether you want to furnish your back porch or your balcony, these DIY recycled backyard furniture ideas are sure to help you unleash the creativity inside you and design some cool pieces of furniture that are going to last long in your backyard!

If you have any diy recycled furniture ideas that you have tried please leave them in the comment section.

Please this article to help others learn out to be self-sufficient and make simple projects with recycled items!!!



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