3 Ways to Make your Workplace More Nature Friendly!

Nowadays, technology expands at a fast pace – factories produce more than usual, customers demand more than usual, while inflation is going up as we speak. Unfortunately, we pay so much attention to our needs that we forget about our environment. And isn’t the environment the sole element we as humans are actually depending on?

Take a look at our working places. So many papers unrecycled. So many cans threw out in the trash without care. Lights on even when we don’t need them. Living in the urban areas made us negligent and careless. How can we make our work places for eco-friendly and nature friendly?

If you started to feel bad for your past decisions, you are in the good place. I will help you fix this problem. First things first, pay attention to your behavior in different circumstances. If you disagree with your actions, change them. After that,  follow these next steps on how to make your own working place more nature friendly. It is indeed difficult to change peoples’ behaviors, but we can always set a positive example for our peers. 

Step 1. Follow the Rules of the 3 ‘R’s: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Suzette Young, CEO at Aussie Writings and professional yoga instructor, shares her thoughts on the subject matter.

“At first, I thought being eco would take too much time. Reorganizing everything in my office seemed like a long process. I willing wanted to try though. Therefore, I took it step by step. Each day I would change something. First, I bought recycle bins for the entire office. After that, I reused the paper sheets that I would normally throw in the bin as disposable cups. I started using non-toxic cleaning products such as Nature Clean or Pink Solution. I started turning off my computer whenever I was not using it, and did the same with the lights. Suddenly, my life changed – I actually felt helpful.”

Ms. Young is right. If you take baby steps, you will feel good about the changes you are making. It will not seem overwhelming. It is a lot, but step by step anybody can make it!

Step 2. Consume Less, Spend Less, Help More

Using wind, solar, renewable energy as electricity is a smart way to reduce consumption. Whether it’s at home or at the office, it will save a lot of energy. Our planet needs a touch of gentleness at this moment! We over abuse it, and lose track of how much energy is lost. We are greedy, and don’t think about our planet as much as we would have to.

Another way to cut down on pollution is convincing our co-workers to work from home when it is not crucial for them to be in the office. That way, they wouldn’t drive to work. Also, riding the bus is another eco-friendly way to stop pollution, even if it is less convenient for us.

Step 3. Choose an Eco-Friendly Diet and Eco-Friendly Clothes

  • Food

Now this is everyone’s favorite topic: food. When it comes to eco-friendly choices, make sure you organic food is your first choice. That means organic coffee and tea, organic nuts as snacks, and even farming products during lunch breaks. Also, if your colleagues like drinking hot beverages at work, ask them nicely to bring their own mugs. This way, you can reduce the amount of paper used.

If you do not know what to choose when shopping organic, check the food labels on the products. They will help you understand what you are buying. You should choose the items that sustain biodiversity and are certified to do so.

  • Clothes

Dressing up eco is a new trend in town. Most people forget about the environment when they want to look good, but what if there was a way we could combine the two? If you want to get the hang of it, check out some cool websites on how to dress eco. If you like vintage outfits, this is your thing for sure! You will look amazing while protecting our environment. Isn’t that just the best thing you can do?

Also, try talking your boss into a non-suit summer policy. If nobody wears suits at the office, not only that the atmosphere will be friendlier, but you guys will help reduce the cooling costs! Think smart, think eco!


If we want our planet safe in the long run, we have to start thinking about ways in which we can protect it. We need our planet more than she needs us. Plants and animals might not, but humans have the ability to actually change something. So say no to pollution and yes to an eco-friendly lifestyle starting now! Step by step we can make the world a better place, I know it! Good luck, my dear eco-friendly friends!

About author: Olivia is an incurable optimist who always sees the glass as half-full. She likes nature, knows how to enjoy silence and is keen on writing for different websites. Meet her on Facebook and Twitter.


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