3 Ways You can Go Green and Save the World

We’re all about saving the world and going for a “green” lifestyle until we actually have to do the leg work. Guess what, making the world greener begins at home! It is essential for a safer, healthier and greener earth that all the individuals take a self-check and start changing their habits.

Even if you think you cannot make self-altering changes in your life right now, there are tiny habits you can change while staying in your home. By making sure you use eco-friendly products and cause no harm to the planet or people around you, you can actually contribute to a safer environment for everyone. After all, charity begins at home!

If you’re confused about how to make changes in your life and are still googling the little habits you can adopt, here are a few you can begin with:

1. Composting Toilets

Ever head whatever you excrete can be reused in multiple activities? Human waste is completely biodegradable and can be decomposed into the soil without harming the environment. When mixed with the soil, it can work as a fertilizer for the plants and encourages lesser use of chemicals as pesticides.

But how can you use your own secretions and decompose them such that they become useful for the environment? One amazingly simple and efficient way of doing so is to get a composting toilet. A composting toilet is able to take your excretions and turn them into biodegradable substances which can be directly used in fertilization of plants and trees.

Your effort is made zero with this self-sufficient toilet that takes care of the eco-friendly process on its own. If you’re thinking about which toilet to get for this purpose, follow https://homeworthylist.com/best-composting-toilet-reviews/ to understand which choice you’ve to make.

2. Eliminate Plastic from Waste

One of the biggest endangerment we are causing to the environment comes from regulated plastic use. Whether we’re drinking water or eating snacks, all the waste is made from plastic and can be harmful for the environment as it does not get decomposed.

Plastic waste needs to be reduced to a hundred percent. Start thinking about an alternate to the plastic materials. Start opting for tetra packaging in terms of beverages instead of getting plastic bottles. Try going for glass bottles which can be reused at home for storage or decor purposes.  I love using glass bottles such as olive oil bottle to make very attractive flower vases.

Instead of using plastic bags for storage or carrying groceries, shift to biodegradable plastic or paper. Paper decomposes and does not harm the environment. Many companies are switching to decomposing plastic bags which are made entirely of biodegradable substances. Why not shift to those when you’re getting the option?

Or use reusable cloth bags – I keep several in my car at all times so I have them available – they are much stronger and you don’t have to worry about the bag breaking. You are not only helping stop plastic pollution but keeping your purchases safe. Don’t forgot clean them them our regularly and thoroughly to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.

3. Go Solar

It is easier said than done, but switching your household system from fuel generated electricity to solar powered will induce a healthier and cheaper lifestyle. Getting massive, expensive solar panels is a one time investment that changes your life forever. Not only are you able to save the environment but also your budget.

Solar energy associated appliances do not cause any damage to the environment in terms of taking its natural reserves. You are able to save yourself from electricity bills as the solar panels get charged via the sun. You are also able to save resources and invest in other segments of your lifestyle. From charging your smart devices to running a refrigerator, everything is possible, cost-efficient and eco-friendly when done via solar energy!

What are you doing to help save our earth and to eliminate waste? Would love to hear your tips and suggestions on how to live a greener life so please leave them in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “3 Ways You can Go Green and Save the World”

  1. Karen Reekie

    Some very effective ways of reducing our footprint. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We are currently adding a small extension to our house and it will include water heating solar panels. We cannot afford those needed to produce electricity (and it is not sustainable to go into debt) but as our major use of electricity is water heating we felt this was the best option for us. We will also be adding a woodburner with a back boiler to heat the water in winter. Any by adding underfloor heating that uses heated water we will be getting the house heated by our water heating solar panels! #GoingGreen

    1. Hi Rosie,
      I think that is great that you are using solar to heat your water in your new addition to your house. Sometimes we can only do what is affordable to us. Sounds likes a great plan with woodburner. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and hosting #GoingGreen Linky.

  3. Gina Caro @ Gypsy Soul

    I’d love to have solar panels on our home but it’s out of our budget at the moment. One day hopefully 🙂 Great post! #GoingGreenLinky

    1. Hi Gina,
      Yes I understand what you are saying. I would love to have solar panels too, but at this stage in our lives the cost is way above our current budget. But I do see more and more solar panels being used on newer houses. I’m glad you liked my post and thanks for stopping by. #GoingGreenLinky

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