9 Natural Energy Boosting Herbal Remedies and Supplements

natural energy boosterWe all seem to need more energy these days with our hectic schedules and all the demands of daily life. Boosting our energy naturally so that we can ignite our day, do all the expected and necessary duties of our lives whether it is chasing kids, a stressful and demanding job, or whatever your personal life demands are.

It is a well-known fact that getting plenty of good quality sleep, some form of regular exercise, and a healthy diet is essential, but sometimes life doesn’t always allow us to follow all those much-needed tools and we need a jump-start. Let me help you with some herbal remedies and supplements that can help you stay on the road to be energized and a healthy green lifestyle.

9 Natural Herbal Remedies and Supplements To Boost Your Energy:

1. Milk Thistle is a wonderful herb that can help boost your energy by helping your liver work efficiently and effectively. It helps detox your liver and supports and healthy elimination of unwanted and harmful toxins.  If your liver is sluggish your body’s energy levels will suffer substantially. It is vitally important to give your liver all the nutrients it needs to boost your energy.  Read10 Health Benefits From that Purple Flower–Milk Thistle!”

  • Take a daily dose of Milk Thistle
  • Eat liver supporting vegetables — carrots, beets, beet greens, garlic, artichokes, burdock and dandelion roots.

2. Rhodiola is a fast acting herb for stress and perks up your mood. Taking a supplement of Rhodiola can perk you up and help you feel relaxed and ready for whatever life brings on.

3. Siberian Ginseng Root helps to improve physical endurance and is a well-known energizing herb among athletes.  Take a daily supplement of this to improve your energy and all over health.

4. B-Complex Vitamins are essential for metabolizing nutrients into energy.

  • Eat whole unprocessed foods such as legumes, beans, organic grass-fed lean meats, and raw or organic dairy products.
  • Take a B-complex vitamin for extra support.

5. Ribose supplement optimizes energy levels, improves sleep and mental clarity and focus, and helps with pain (particularly in people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia).   The energy molecules in our bodies are made from ribose which is a unique simple sugar. Taking Ribose supplement can benefit your body.

6. COQ10 a natural chemical compound that resides in the energy-producing part of our cells and it contributes to production of protein and muscle contraction among many other body functions. Research has shown that CoQ10 has improved severe fatigue, heart disease, helps to remove free radicals from the body that cause damage and disease.

  • Because levels of this nutrient naturally decline with age many integrative physicians recommend taking a daily CoQ10 supplement especially for those with chronic fatigue or heart disease.
  • Coenzyme Q10  primarily from oily fish, organ meats such as liver, and whole grains.

7. Magnesium is vital to almost all enzymatic functions in the body including energy production, muscle relaxation, quality of sleep, fatigue, weakness, anxiety, and irritability.  It is one of the most critical nutrients for good health and magnesium deficiency is thought to be the cause or root of many diseases.  Check out what Dr Oz has to say about magnesium.

  • Eat plenty of bananas, spinach, kidney beans, black beans, lentils, quinoa, organic oatmeal to help keep  your levels of magnesium to a safe and healthy level.
  • Many health care providers recommend taking a daily supplement of magnesium.

8. Cordyceps has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat fatigue and is used by many athletes today. It is a fungus that grows on Tibetan caterpillars. Cordyceps is believed to increase oxygen delivery to cells which improves energy and endurance.

9. Vitamin C is needed to make L-carnitine in your body. L-carnitine helps burn fat for energy. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant removing free radicals from our body providing more energy and supporting our immune system.

citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes

  • Citrus fruits — oranges, grapefruit, limes, red and green peppers, kiwifruit, broccoli, strawberries, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and green vegetables such as spinach.
  • Take a daily supplement of Vitamin C.

Below is a wonderful tasty topical tonic that can help jump-start your day from its energizing powers. It is rich in vitamin C and magnesium. So if you are feeling tired and need a lift try this  smoothie to vitalize and energize your body.

 green gold smoothie

Green Golden Smoothie

  • 1 small cucumber, peeled and quartered
  • 1 fresh mango, peeled and pitted, or 1 Cup frozen diced Mango
  • Zest of Lemon
  • 1 Lime, Peeled and halved
  • 1/2/ to 1 cup organic coconut water
  • 1-1 inch knob peeled ginger root, optional
  • 2 tablespoons shredded organic coconut, optional
  • 1-5 ounce bag organic baby spinach
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid organic stevia or sweeten to taste

1. Combine cucumber, mango, lemon zest, lime, and coconut, ginger root, shredded coconut in a blender or small food processor. Blend until smooth.

2. Add one handful spinach and then blend until smooth add remaining spinach and stevia to taste. Blend until smooth and creamy. Enjoy the zesty flavor!

Just a Tip to Revive Your Energy and Clear Your Head:

For instant energy add 10 drops of peppermint essential oil to a 2 ounce spray bottle filled with filtered water spray into the air around you.


Use Basil the same way to help you think clearer and for mental clarity!

Boosting energy and living a healthy green lifestyle includes eating organic and local harvest foods that we know are safe from chemicals and contamination. Stay away from processed foods and processed sugars that contain many toxic ingredients and zap your energy and compromise your health.




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