Alternative to Smoking: 5 Ways Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You Stop Smoking

Conventional smoking is addictive! Would you like to learn about an alternative solution to smoking that doesn’t have the excessive nicotine and just might help you stop smoking for good!

For avid users, smoking a cigarette feels like removing a thorn stuck on one’s back, drinking ice-cold water after hours of working under the scorching hot sun, or even eating their favorite cake when their sweet tooth calls for it. Anyhow, chain smokers have cravings for nicotine comparable to that of pregnant women – hard to ignore, hard to resist.

But prolonged use of nicotine can have deteriorating effects on a person’s body.

  • It is the culprit of many cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  • It has also been found to be the reason behind rapid skin aging and drying.


Other post-nicotine intake effects include:

  • Change in taste
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn, etc.

Well, with over 599 ingredients in just one stick, it is no wonder it causes so many side effects.

Many people want to quit but it’s not as easy as it sounds – in fact it can be extremely hard to completely quit smoking and you might need to take baby steps to reach your goal. Whether you’re still new to smoking or have smoked for many years, you might want to back off a little – try vaping instead.

Vapes, or Electronic Cigarettes, have been introduced as a possible alternative to conventional smoking. It makes use of a chargeable device to heat up liquid (commonly referred to as E-liquid) to create a misty vapor the user then inhales.

The activity is still generally referred to as smoking, although you rid yourself of a number of nasty side effects – and that is already a huge plus. This can be the first step to permanently quitting smoking and a healthier lifestyle.  

Moreover, E-Cigarettes have certain features that cannot be found in just any regular cigarette stick. And we’d be more than willing to let you in on them.

5 Unique Things E-Cigarettes Have That Normal Cigarettes Don’t

1. Varied Nicotine Levels

E-Cigarettes need E-liquids to produce vapor. This kind of liquid may or may not have nicotine, depending on the preference of the user. It can range from low, medium, to high nicotine content. Some Vape Juices even have ZERO nicotine content. So if you’re someone who’s looking to stop, or maybe just cut down on nicotine intake then this adjustable feature will really work for you.

2. Colorful and Playful Flavors

On top of having optional nicotine levels, E-liquids are also offered in different flavors! Like, have you ever smoked Cheesecakes? How about Chocolate Mint or Apple Pie? Really, the possibilities are just endless with E-liquid flavors. I don’t know about you but being an E-liquid connoisseur sounds like it could be a good way to quit smoking completely and rid yourself of smokers breathe!

3. An Unlimited Supply of Smoke or Vapor

As long as your battery is charged, you’ll definitely have smoke – tons of it. Unlike combustible cigarettes, your smoking party doesn’t end when you reach the cigarette’s butt. You can keep basking in the clouds as much as you want. You never have to suffer through smokeless camping nights again while you trying to quit smoking. With a good set of batteries, a power bank, and a load of tasty E-Juice, you can vape even without taking regular trips to the convenience store.

4. A Customization Exterior

Who needs boring cigarette sticks when you can have your very own, unique Electronic Cigarette Device? Make a statement by maybe sporting a sleek, jet-black E-Cigarette design, or maybe go all plush and pretty with a hot pink exterior. But the best statement to make is – your goal is to stop smoking cigarettes and you are on the road to a smokeless healthier life without any nicotine of any type. 

5. Fashionable Stores With Great Service

You don’t really get to see Combustible Tobacco Smoker Communities online or offline because well, that would be odd. But E-Cigarettes, on the other hand, have various communities and cliques. There are E-Cigarette cafes and stores where you can socialize and they feel homey. They enjoy long chats, offer support to newbies, and exchange information about the most recent news circling the community. You can exchange ideas on how to quit smoking and support each other through the process. It feels nice really, better than buying a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store with a store lady that frowns as if she’s the sole person with problems in this world.

E-Cigarettes have also become “Easy-garettes” because of how accessible they are online. An Electronic Cigarette Site usually has all the information you need from where the best shops are located, best products to buy, to the latest news and updates. So if you have the time, be sure to check one and jump-start your switch to a combustion-free lifestyle and be on the road to quitting smoking completely! 

Quitting smoking is never easy but if you want it bad enough you can do it! Quit smoking for your health, the health of your family and friends that are breathing in all the second-hand toxic smoke that can be a bad if not worse than the what the smoker is inhaling.

Don’t you think it time to change your bad habits and change your life?  

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