Apps for Sustainable Living: Saving the World from Your Smartphone

Becoming an eco-friendlier person is now the goal of numerous individuals from all over the world due to the rising awareness of the negative impact our negligent actions have on our planet. Some people might only consider going green on Earth Day when there is numerous information spread all over about how the actions of humanity slowly damage our environment and all the natural resources which Mother Nature is offering to us.

However, we all need to realize that humanity has become a real threat to our planet due to the ignorance and lack of information of how our reckless actions are rapidly damaging our planet resulting in extreme climate changes, heavy air pollution which is extremely threatening to all of us due to the fact that it can lead to the development of numerous respiratory issues due to the low air quality, water pollution which is damaging the marine life and the quality of water from the oceans and seas from our planet.

Sustainable living

Considering the context of the raising awareness of the need to start being more considerate about the way our actions negatively impact our planet and the context of the several environmental changes which could lead to the impossibility to leave a healthy and safe environment for our future generations, apps which help you to become eco-friendlier are on rising. The context of the rise of sustainable living apps is also strongly linked to the fact that we live in the era of digital revolution when the internet and technology have become essential parts of our lives by simplifying each of our everyday tasks.

The developers of sustainable living apps have created them in order to help you pay more attention to your responsibility of taking good care of our planet and how your reckless actions can damage it. Sustainable living apps help you understand why and how to protect the environment by guiding you toward the small steps on the path of becoming eco-friendlier. All these mobile apps have been developed by professionals using numerous techniques such as kanban vs scrum in order to create the best user experience.

Sustainable Living Apps

Here are 5 amazing sustainable living apps that will help you save the planet from your phone:

1. Carma Carpooling

One of the biggest problems which lead to the damage of our environment is the increased carbon emissions from the morning and afternoon commutes made with our personal cars which leads to heavy air pollution. The app Carma Carpooling is the best sustainable living app which can help you reduce traffic, emissions, and even to cut off the costs of your trip while commuting every day. The app helps you find nearby people with whom you can share your commute and even get paid for it as the riders pay the driver for their ride. The users of the app can add credit to their accounts by making a secure payment and 85 percent of what the riders pay goes directly to the driver. The app is available for both Android and IOS mobile phones.

2. Oroeco

Unfortunately, another damaging aspect which has a significant negative impact on our environment is the carbon footprint, mostly of our households. Oroeco is the sustainable living application which allows you to combat the most major problem of the environment which is climate change. This app will help you calculate your daily carbon footprint based on your electricity consumption, transport, and food. The app is an easy and fun rewarding way to help to solve the climate change problems while also improving your lifestyle and saving money as you will constantly receive personalized tips on how to reduce the most pollution while saving your money.

Apps for sustainable living

3. Dropcountr

Another incredibly useful app which will help you join the cause of protecting our environment while saving your money. Water waste is a significantly serious problem which leads to the slowly damaging of our planet. In order for people to be more aware of the importance of conserving water, Dropcountr is the perfect app which can help you to stop wasting water. By connecting you to your water utility company via your smartphone, you can receive a customized drought and water budget messages, and even to be notified in case of leaks. Seeing how much water you use will help you realize that it is time to decrease the amount of it in order to join the cause of preserving our natural resources.

4. Ecoviate

The lack of information is the main problem which makes people to not realize that their reckless actions are slowly damaging our planet. Ecoviate app is created to spread social sustainability via a newsfeed of eco-friendly activities and posts about green tips and products which will help you to take better care of the environment by saving energy, conserving water, and reduce your impact on our environment. The app is available to download both for Android and IOS mobile phones and the Ecoviate team promises to plant a tree for each download of the app.

5. Farmstand

Farmstand app is designed to become a community in which people can share between them relevant information such as directions, open times, or photos of the farmers’ markets who sell locally grown food. You will be able to find the closest market from which you can buy healthy food which will both impact the economy of your community and reduce the waste of tons of foods which local farmers can never sell due to the supermarkets which exist in their living areas. Farmstand is available on the IOS App store.

It is extremely important for each of us to take our responsibility and role in protecting our planet in order to ensure the fact that we are going to leave a healthy and safe environment for our future generations. The apps mentioned above can definitely help you make a significant change in your everyday habits, lifestyle, and, most importantly, in the world by contributing to the cause of saving our planet and natural resources.

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