Bamboo A Greener and More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!

Going green may sound totally impossible and not to mention, expensive. However adopting a greener, eco-friendly, and more environment-friendly lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to turn your world upside down to make a difference. All it takes are some minor changes in your lifestyle and a tweak in your decisions and you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Keeping this in mind you might as well opt for some changes in your home or office space by adapting furniture pieces made with green materials like Bamboo. Not only have these been made widely available due to the advances in green technology, but they have also enabled more and more designers to utilize these materials into their designs without sacrificing quality and affordability.

To enlighten you, House of Bamboo, a leading provider of sustainable indoor and outdoor solutions in Australia, presents this infographic that provides useful information and facts about bamboo.

Company Bio: House of Bamboo is Australia’s trusted source of eco-friendly and high quality natural materials that can be integrated into contemporary setting. Our range encompasses high quality bamboo fencing, timber screens, privacy screens, decorative screens, ceiling panels, rattan cane webbing, fence panels, and pool certification.


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