Compassionate Giving is the Greatest Gift of All

The Greatest gifts of all is giving love and compassionate giving. The saying goes “Tis is the season for giving”  Health comes from the heart, mind, body, and spirit uniting to heal our bodies and to keep us healthy. I believe that giving compassionately is truly a natural and holistic way to heal our bodies and minds.  I think it is important that we think beyond the tradition gifts that we give to family, friends, and co-workers and give to those outside our circles. Give to those we may never meet or know or they may never know us. Give the gift of health to people and to the environment.

Compassionate Giving

Why should we do this?

  • One very important reason is it’s the right thing to do.
  • By giving unconditionally we start a compassionate move that is contagious.
  • We teach our children that it is better to give than receive and that true compassion has so many rewards that money cannot buy.
  • We help to heal the world.

Just Some Ideas On Compassionate Giving:

  • Giving The Green Way to the Environment — We can give to make this a healthier world by giving or donating to green living and  environmental causes.
  • Wealth is HealthSt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital  has been treating children with cancer and other life threatening diseases since 1962 when is was founded by Danny Thomas. Families do not pay for treatments, housing, or travel.
  • Save the Children — This charity works to end the human trafficking of children in the US.
  • Delivering Nutrition and Healthy FoodVitamin angels serves malnourished childhood worldwide delivering vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper physical and mental development. The Chef’s Ann Foundation teaches schools how to make the tradition to healthy eating on campuses and stay on budget.
  • Save the Animals and our VeteransCanines with a cause pairs abandoned dogs from animal shelters with US military combat veterans suffering from PTSD through a sustainable and holistic approach.
  • Give to your local Church or Community — There are so many families in our locals community that are homeless, jobless, or just don’t have enough money to give their children gifts or a nice Christmas dinner. Join hands (check out your local office) is one of my favorite organizations that joins with local churches and charities to help local families at Christmas and throughout the year. They provide food with their food banks, deliver all the supplies to  families to make Christmas dinner, heat, and so many other needs.
  • The Gift of Time – How many of your neighbors just might have a sick family member that they are struggling to care for or are having a hard time making ends meet. Your gift of time to help care for the sick family member, go shopping for them, or just give them a break to do whatever they need it for could be such a blessing to them. What a wonderful gift you could give them with your compassionate gift of time that could lift a such a burden from them just for a short while.
  • Volunteer with your time at a Nursing Home, Hospice, be a Big Brother or Sister, clean up local park or roadside, make a commitment to help or show someone how plant their own organic garden. The choices are endless and your rewards will be endless too!

compassionate giving

My husband and I built a homemade rocking horse for a child that wouldn’t get a gift this Christmas. We donated it to Join Hands that will find a child in our local community that will wake up Christmas morning and have a wonderful gift that otherwise would probably have nothing. Yes, it felt good to know that we built it with our own hands and to know that we would make some child happy. It certainly lifted my spirits as we worked on it for weeks to make it just right and safe for some special child.

If your interesting in donating to a charity, but not sure if its legit go to Charity Navigator @ that has done the detective work for you. They provide all the information you need to make an intelligent giving decision.

My message to you this Christmas is give compassionately without thinking what you will receive back. Give from the heart to a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Give to heal our planet and souls. Most of all give because you want to share. Live your life the green way with compassionate giving and serving others every day of the year. My blessing to you and your families for a wonderful, healthy, blessed Christmas filled with joy and laughter.




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    1. Hi Lacey,
      I am so glad you liked my article. I always glad to share on Homestead blog hop. Have a healthy, happy & blessed Christmas and New Year!

  1. Beautiful blog post Marla. Compassionate giving does open ones’ heart. Thanks so much for being part of Tuesdays with a Twist #90 is LIVE! I posted it on Pinterest. Warm regards, Nancy A. P.S. Don’t forget Habitat for Humanity, Nature Conservancy, Literacy Connects, the Red Cross, Community Food Bank, and Greenpeace.

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