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What did women afflicted with irregular menstrual cycles do to cope before the “age of modern medicine” arrived? As it turns out, many affected women were able to cope perfectly well with more natural aids such as yoga and meditation.

Yoga itself is an ancient healing and meditative discipline. First observed as part of the daily rituals in renunciant monks many thousands of years ago, today it is known that yoga still contains the same healing power to ease stress, improve immune system response, focus the mind and heal the body.

In this post, learn how yoga and meditation can help you regulate your own menstrual cycle naturally!

How Maintaining a Regular Menstrual Cycle Improves Health

According to the time-honored science of Ayurveda, women are setup to be fundamentally healthier than men because of their monthly bleeding. The menstrual cycle naturally removes built-up toxins.

It is now also thought that this monthly toxin removal system also contributes to the longer lifespan of women on average.

But when the menstrual cycle becomes irregular, the toxins can begin to build up once again, especially when a woman begins to experience amenorrhea, or absence of bleeding. Too-heavy flow is equally problematic, as it can rob a woman of essential energy and lead to more serious health conditions such as endometriosis.

Using Yoga to Achieve a Regular Cycle

While many women regard their menstrual cycle as beginning with the onset of bleeding, or menstruation, there are actually 3 preceding phases before bleeding begins. If imbalance occurs in any one of the menstrual phases, cramping, amenorrhea, heavy bleeding and more serious issues can begin.

Every woman’s menstrual cycle has 4 distinct phases: follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstruation itself. Yoga’s known natural balancing properties can help to regulate a woman’s endocrine cycle, which regulates the menstrual cycle.

Yoga does this by regulating the underlying functions that contribute to the a healthy, functional immune system as follows:

Breathing. Deep regular breathing clears the body of built-up toxins well before menstruation will be called upon to do the same. Plus, a well-oxygenated blood supply and a healthy, active circulatory system is less likely to lead to clotting, cramping and other common issues associated with menstruation.

Gland stimulation/soothing. In some women, the glands in the endocrine system have become sluggish or over-active. In particular, glands like the thyroid and pituitary can cause fatigue, weight gain, skin blemishes, poor digestion and menstrual irregularities when their function becomes erratic. Yoga is known to help the endocrine system re-balance itself.

Strengthened immune system. Other known triggers for menstrual irregularities can include stress, allergies, illness or injury, lack of rest and poor diet. When yoga and meditation are included within a greater plan to address each trigger in turn, whether it is bringing in a carpet cleaner for dust removal or taking vitamins, menstrual regulation will become easier to achieve.

Circulation. Regardless of which yogic discipline a woman selects (and there are many to choose from), all will stimulate circulation to remove toxins, improve immune system response, clear skin, aid in digestion and promote better rest and lower stress. The benefits of these improvements can have a positive impact not only on a woman’s menstrual cycle but in all areas of life.

Yoga and Meditation

For many, the practice of yoga itself is a form of meditation. In addition, for women who are brand new to meditation, many yogic practices incorporate brief periods of meditation at the beginning and/or end of each yoga practice session. The postures themselves also foster a meditative, focused energy to calm the mind and restore balance on all levels of the body.

Through pursuit of a daily schedule that includes yoga and meditation, a woman’s menstrual cycle is able to naturally self-regulate back to health again.

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