Earth-Friendly Office Fitouts: Sustainability Focus

Companies who insist on sustainability throughout the whole length of the business process are always ready to make choices that protect the environment. One of the most visible facets of an eco-friendly business model is having an office that exemplifies sustainability. This type of office not only saves the environment but can also cut the future running costs.

Here are several tips on how to furnish one.

Find energy-efficient building

While this tip makes more sense when relocating the business or looking for premises for your first office, having an energy-efficient building is important because its energy performance will make a huge positive effect on your workplace. In addition, you can enjoy all the benefits of its energy-efficiency through low energy bills. Having a building that is energy-efficiency should be your first priority when looking for premises for your office. Energy-efficient buildings also cost less money to maintain. As you spend less on power and waste disposal, you can redirect those savings into growing your business.

Sustainable and smart features

Incorporating smart solutions in your green office fitout can go to great lengths to lower the energy consumption. Great office design needs to include a layout that maximizes the natural light, saving on electric lighting during the day. On the other hand, no office can run on 100% daylight. Consider quality LED lights and high-quality sensors that keep the lights on in individual rooms only when they are occupied. Also, pay attention to your heating and ventilation. Insulating the walls and having good ventilation will decrease the use of your HVAC system. Interior designers and other project tradesmen can give you additional tips on keeping the temperature comfortable.

Hire a sustainable fitout contractor

Green development and fitouts are set to be the next trillion-dollar industry, with companies across Australia designing a healthy workspace that encourage employees to walk instead of using the lift, feature adjustable LED lighting and individually set heating and cooling options. As many contemporary office fitout projects in Sydney demonstrate, the key to achieving the optimum outcome is that contractors work collaboratively with their clients through the entire duration of the project. this way they can identify their ideal space requirements, and deliver their project in a most sustainable, and employee-friendly manner.

Sustainability as office culture

Many business owners forget that having a sustainable office goes beyond green fixtures and fittings. Sustainability derives from your corporate culture. Start by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill by setting recycle bins all over your office floor. Also, limit the use of single-use plastic by installing water dispensers and encouraging your employees to use their mugs instead of disposable cups. The sustainable corporate culture also extends to encouraging employees to share the rides, or cycle to work.

Green furniture

Another way of making your office more sustainable is by choosing eco-friendly furniture. Sustainable furniture options are often found at reasonable prices that can lower your fitout budget. Use the help of your interior designer to choose recommendations which are both ergonomically designed and eco-friendly. Popular materials include 100% recyclable plastic, sustainably grown bamboo, anodized aluminium, reclaimed wood, as well as floor options like cork, linoleum tiles, or natural fibre carpets.

Businesses that want to incorporate a sustainable workplace environment need to team up with a sustainable-savvy contractor who can carry out the office fitout project. Aside of lowering the environmental impact and the energy costs, your green office can become a powerful HR tool, drawing in environmentally-conscious professionals, as well as attract clients who are more inclined to deal with sustainable companies.

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