Easy and Effective Tips that will Help You Grow Vegetables


If you have a garden, you want to grow vegetables and extend that harvest for as long as possible. That way, you can ‘live off the land’ and reduce your food bills. Plus, you can eat healthier. But, let’s face it – growing vegetables isn’t easy. There are so many things that can go wrong that. However, if you can avoid these pitfalls then you can grow as many pieces of fruit and veg as you want. And, luckily, here are a few foolproof tips that will help you maximize your crops.

Tips to help you grow vegetable the organic way!

1.  Plant Your Seeds Strategically

Lots of gardeners, even the ones with experience, plant their seeds wherever they see fit. Quite simply, that is not a good idea. Before you plant any seeds, you need to figure out what the surrounding area has to offer. For example, you want to plant your crops where they will get as much light as possible. Sunlight is a big deal, and garden items such as trees, shrubs and sheds can get in the way and block the light. Don’t worry too much about the soil and water because water always seeps into every part of the ground, and you can boost the quality of the soil.

2.   Add Fertilizer

Any produce grower worth their salt will tell you that fertilizers are essential to the health of your produce. The truth is that not every garden will have a high-level quality of the soil. And, if the soil is bad the crops won’t get the nutrients they need to survive and grow. By adding organic fertilizer, you are adding the vital nutrients that will ensure their survival. Otherwise, the plants may die as soon as they are planted. To check if you need extra fertilizer, check the PH level of the soil.

3.   Get Rid Of Garden Pests

The bigger animals are not the issue here. Animals like badgers and squirrels are easy to keep at bay with a fence. The issue you will have is with the smaller pests such as slugs and snails. These garden pests love to eat plants, and they won’t think twice about munching all of your fruit and vegetables before they flower. To stop them from obliterating your produce, consider laying down slug pellets. Pellets will not affect your seeds, and they will kill off any unwanted pests. Alternatively, you can rake a soil bed in between your crops so that they are easily picked off by birds and other predators.

4.   Space Them Properly

Every plant that you attempt to grow will need a lot of space. Without the right amount of space, the seedlings will have to compete with other plants for food and water. And, if they come up against enemies like weeds, they will lose out. Weeds are like home invaders as they will take up as much space as possible and kill off any of the residents. To stop this from happening, de-weed the planting area and then leave the seeds with plenty of room to operate.




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