Easy Ways To Ensure Your House Waste Gets Disposed Off Responsibly

Our planet needs us, this is no news and yet there isn’t enough that’s being done about it by the common citizens of the Earth. There is still a long way to go when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly living. There is so much that can be done but it needs doing, which not a lot of us are practicing. We don’t need something big and grand to save our planet, it starts with small things and it starts right at home.

Ways to dispose of your house waste

Let’s look at and talk about waste today. All our homes and offices generate waste because it’s a byproduct of the lifestyles we are leading today. To say that we should eliminate waste is a superficial aim, let’s set a goal that’s more possible, affordable and doable by all. Let’s aim at treating our waste and disposing it off in a manner that doesn’t harm the environment.

Here are some easy ways of disposing off and reducing waste that you can practice in the comfort of your home without having to put in too much effort.

1. Cannot Emphasize the three Rs enough

Yes, the three Rs have been said and written about a lot but it needs to be talked about more because not enough is being practiced when it comes to the three Rs. Reduce, reuse and recycle is something that we can do on a daily basis with little things but it often doesn’t strike us to do so because we aren’t in the habit of it.

For example, when going shopping, carry your own shopping or carry bags instead of relying on the store to provide you with one. This is something very small but it will make a huge difference. If you think that you often forget to carry one or you might do some impulsive shopping and not have a bag on you at that moment, start carrying one in your purse at all times or keep some in your car so that you always have one. This single activity itself ticks off two Rs, you are reducing the use of bags and reusing the ones you already have and it doesn’t ask too much of you.

reuse reduce recyle


Similarly, there are plenty of small things that you can find in your daily activities which can be reused, recycled and reduced. Start making it a habit.

2. Hire Skip Bin Services

For the waste that you cannot reuse or recycle on your own and going to the recycling center seems like a tough task, hire skip bin services. Skip bin services collect your waste, separate the waste that can be recycled and dispose off the rest of the waste responsibly. All you have to do is hire a skip bin service and in fact, you can convince your neighbors to join you in this responsible waste management, hire a large skip bin for the entire neighborhood and split the costs.

Not only is your waste going to get collected regularly but also get treated in an environment friendly way. You don’t have to live with the guilt of contributing to the world’s garbage problems because you’re doing your part by getting rid of your garbage in a responsible way.

Even for construction sites and commercial spaces, this is the best option to get rid of the waste generated on a daily basis.

3. Green Waste

Green waste can actually be quite good for your garden and plants. One of the best ways to treat green waste is composting and vermicomposting. Just collect all green waste like grass clippings and food waste in a damp compost pile. For vermicomposting, you will need worms to make compost out of food waste. This is in fact a very useful and environmentally friendly way to get rid of the green waste generated in your home.


The three ways of disposing off waste mentioned above are some of the easiest ways to manage waste in an environmentally friendly way. They don’t really require you to do much but the benefits that it has on the environment are huge, so try and ensure that you’re doing your small bit to save the environment from the piles of waste that get accumulated everyday.

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