Escaping the Cubicle Farm to Pursue a Greener Lifestyle!

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Green living enthusiasts everywhere are looking for ways to escape the the identical work spaces, fake plants and sedentary lifestyle of a cubicle farm. For some, leaving behind a stable office job might bring uneasiness about achieving financial freedom and finding lucrative opportunities on their own. But alternatives that provide a paycheck and allow you to pursue, support and endorse green lifestyle initiatives, ideas and sustainable ways of living are out there. Here are tips to escape your cubical farm and pursue the greener lifestyle you crave.

  • Freelance Opportunities

If you have a hobby or special skill like writing, photography or sales, freelance opportunities allow you to cultivate your gift while still making a living. If you enjoy photography, discover contractual jobs with green lifestyle magazines, newspapers, websites or organizations that will give you opportunities to escape the office and shoot for a cause that champions eco-friendly living. Similar to photography, freelance writing opportunities exist for blogs and websites on health, sustainability, science and technology. If you’re versed in sales and promotion, companies such as Amway connect aspiring entrepreneurs with a variety of health, beauty and green lifestyle products to create a personal business that you feel good about.

  • Learn a New Language

No, not a spoken language, but a digital language that allows you to write code for programs, create websites or develop a mobile app. Learning code, the language of our future, is a great way to escape the cubicle farm, especially as the demand for programmers increases. Since coding doesn’t require anything more than a laptop and Wi-Fi connection, it can be done from anywhere in the world. Freelance code opportunities give you the flexibility to work when you want, where you want, but most importantly for who you want. Find companies, non-profits or organizations whose purpose and goals advocate for green ideals and provide your services to them with a clear conscious in return for a paycheck. With so many life dilemmas, we respond nowadays by searching for an app that’ll help, which means mobile app developers are in high demand as well. Whether you have your own green app idea or choose to contract yourself out as a developer, apps that align with a green lifestyle are both popular and profitable.

  • Become a Teacher/Instructor

As green lifestyles become more mainstream, the demand for classes that foster an eco-friendly and sustainable living has increased. More individuals want to take care of their health through enrolling in organic cooking or yoga classes at the same time as caring for the environment with urban gardening or beekeeping classes. Becoming a teacher or instructor for green lifestyle classes gives you the freedom to work outdoors or in a space of your choosing, working hours that suit you anywhere in the world. As a yoga instructor, work might include planning yoga retreats for clients in exotic places like Bali or Hawaii. Not only will you be pursuing a greener lifestyle yourself, but you’ll also be teaching others how to take care of their bodies and how that can have an effect on our planet.

  • Start a Blog

If you find a green lifestyle niche to fill in the world of blogging, you can create a brand and empire that endorses sustainable living, gets you out of the cubicle and gives you the freedom to work where and when you please. Your blog might be one in on green travel and how to explore the world without creating a huge carbon footprint or green cooking and how to incorporate organic choices into your kitchen. Your blog might even be more technical, featuring green innovation projects or advocating sustainability. Your blog is your voice and with excellent marketing and support, it will be your paycheck too. 

I started writing because I was no longer physically able to work in normal office environment due to my many allergies and sensitivities.  I wanted to share my passion of green-living with others and help educate as many people as I could on the many environmental and health dangers that our world is facing. I take pride in my in blog and do my best to share as much information as possible – whether it be in my own words or through quest posts.  I feel if I can touch at least one person to find a natural solutions to health problems or how to stop using toxic products and make the world healthier and safer than I have done my job.

What ideas do you have to escape the cubicle office world?

How do you help others learn about green-living and living healthier?

What is the most important idea you have to help make the world healthier?

Leave your ideas or suggestions in the comment field!




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