Fun Autumn Activities for the Kids

We can’t quite believe summer is over already. Usually your summer holidays are packed with sun-drenched activities for the kids, and it can be a bit more difficult to keep them occupied when it comes to the cooler months. We’ve come up with some creative and healthy ideas as to how you can keep the kids entertained this Autumn.

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Go Leaf Picking

This is a great activity if you are on a budget. When Autumn falls, as does all of the beautiful leaves from the trees giving you the chance to go and collect the most wonderful and colourful. You could go for a stroll in a nearby park with the kids, pick your favorite leaves, and then use them for some arts and crafts later. Make sure you take wellies for the kids, as they could get a little messy with this one.

Enjoy a Cycling Tour

Because it’s a little cooler it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy cycling. Make sure you wear lots of layers and explore a cycling tour near you. Autumn can arguably be the best time to do this as it can be more scenic. You can enjoy colorful views of the falling leaves on your travels that you wouldn’t be able to in any other season. Cycling is such a healthy wonderful exercise.

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Go Kayaking

Kayaking can be a great adventure, and a sport that you can enjoy pretty much all year round. You can find local lakes and rivers to explore and see some beautiful sights like you haven’t experienced before. It can be something that you invest in as an ongoing hobby for the family. You can visit to check out some of the best kayaks there are. Kayaking is also a fun and healthy exercise for the whole family.

Go on A Forest Treasure Hunt

When there’s lots of leaves lying on the ground – there’s no better time for a treasure hunt. You can create your own, so again this is a good idea for an activity on a budget. You can choose a prize that you think will be suitable, and then make a treasure map and leave clues. Before you know if – you will have a full day of fun with the kids and got some healthy exercise while running around too.

Go on Nature Walks

Autumn is the perfect time to go on nature walks. There are lots of ways in which you can do this. You can go exploring in gardens, coasts, parks or the countryside and take in the scenery. That might not be incredibly exciting for the kids at first, but you can make this much more interesting for the kids by asking them to find certain bugs or wildlife – and teach them some wildlife information on the way. Nature walks are relaxing, inspiring, educational and a healthy way to spend the day!

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If you are struggling to think of ways to keep the kids entertained now the summer weather is coming to a close – why not try out some of the ideas above?

Fall is a beautiful time of the year to enjoy outdoor activities. Make sure your kids get plenty of time to enjoythe outdoors There are so many health benefits of time spend in Nature both physically and mentally.

Sure would love it if you shared what fall outdoor activities your kids like to do!

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