Health Benefits When You Switch to Organic Food


Health benefits of Organic Food

Over the past few years, there has been a sweeping growth in the organic food industry due to the popular perception that organic food is much better than non organic ones since the latter is filled with harmful chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers.  Excessive attention has been bestowed upon organic food because of the various environmental groups that believe that supporting organic food will prevent those chemicals from harming the environment. Science still has not been able to prove till now that conventional food lacks nutritional value and is behind their organic counterpart. Although organic food price is higher it is totally worth the cost. If you doubt this please read on  and find out why you should bebuying organic and the health benefits versa conventional foods.

Health Benefits of Organic Foods:

1. Pesticide Reduction:

Farmers use pesticides for their crops to keep away bugs and other insects. As a result these pesticide filled foods are harmful for humans.  During their development years, if children consume food filled with organ phosphorus (pesticides consist of a strong mineral which is considered unnatural and deemed unnecessary for the human body),  increases their chances to develop ADHD, autism or other problems which might hinder their growth and development. It hard to argue that non organic food should be replaced with organic food especially for children.

2. Antibiotic Resistance and Immune System:

  • Conventional livestock and factory farming breed houses feed antibiotics to their animals regularly to prevent disease. This results in the intake of too much antibiotics, thus making our immune system extremely vulnerable and confused. The good news is that organic food doesn’t have any antibiotics in them.
  • To resolve world hunger issues, many food growers and farmers have used genetic modification. For example, the extra-large tomato that you see in the market is the result of this process. When animals were sent to the lab and tested it was found out that due to genetic modification, various issues like sexual dysfunction, cancer, immune system becoming weak, etc were occurring. Organic food doesn’t have these kinds of complications.

3. Antioxidant Capacity:

Research shows that when antioxidants come from organic foods, they tend to be more effective. This is mostly because organic food lacks chemicals, there is no chance of them communicating negatively with organic compounds, minerals and vitamins that are extremely necessary for the useful effects of vegetables and fruits.

These organic food help the body stay healthy and avoid health issues such as:

  • Untimely aging
  • Decaying teeth and gum disease
  • Heart problems
  • Lack of clarity in vision
  • Cognitive breakdown
  • Cancer
  • Degenerative disease, etc.
  •  Decaying teeth and gum disease. Among the many health benefits that organic foods provides is that organic is better for teeth and can help you have all over better oral health.  Along with eating organic foods and a healthy diet regular dental care and preventive health care should be considered for your child and family.
  • Further studies have shown that increased intake of organic food tends to reduce the exposure to massive  poisonous metals.  

Apart from these health benefits, there seems to be additional advantage of taking organic food.

  • The taste is far superior to non organic food because these foods are produced locally and sold in a fresh manner unlike the frozen, shipped food which reaches you after travelling a long distance.
  • The soil, water and air pollution gets minimized as harmful chemicals are not being utilized in organic agriculture.
  • And the last important factor which will surely please all those animal lovers out is that organic farmed animals does not need to be caged and they are treated humanly.

Choose organic to ensure that your children have a healthier future and help save our planet!

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  8. Thanks for this Marla. I’m especially interested in learning more about the research showing that antioxidants from organic foods are more effective. Following that link now.

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      Your welcome. The research shows a lot of evidence confirming that organic can be a big benefits to your health. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy happy blessed day! Marla

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