Home Automation and New Energy-Saving Technology


Metropolitan districts all over the world are joining the smart home revolution and we, as individuals, can save money and the environment with just a few simple changes around the home. Technology has allowed us to live comfortably and conveniently but many may not realize that a lot of tech is inefficient and wasteful. A lot of energy is unnecessarily wasted on home technology but luckily enough, a handful of innovations have been made to make living at home a luxury without destroying the planet. Below is some of the newest energy-saving home technology and home automation!

  • The “Smart” Thermostat

No longer do you have to manually change the temperature in each room or come home to a freezing cold house. With smart thermostats, users can adjust their house’s temperature no matter where they are. If the house is empty, decrease the temperature so that heat isn’t wasted. If you’re coming home from work, increase the temperature before you get home so you don’t have to wait for the whole house to warm up. If you have a smartphone, you can control your smart thermostat from virtually anywhere.

  • A Digital Companion

The Amazon Echo, or “Alexa,” is a computerized information hub that will talk to you and access the internet at your behest, allowing you to obtain information and consolidate your day’s plans while multitasking. Instead of having to drop everything you’re doing and get on the computer to navigate search engines, you can now conduct a conversation with “Alexa” and prepare dinner at the same time. Plan the day’s events, get the best routes, and even have Alexa send some of that information to your smartphone for later navigation. Meanwhile, Alexa is only using a single energy source, allowing you to keep the computer tucked away until you need it, and further reduce your use of unnecessary electricity.

  • Environmentally Sound Security

Older methods of home security involve alarm systems that use wires and require more power. However, it’s better for the environment to go the wireless route, and connect your wireless home security system up through your smart home’s hub. Alexa can control everything in your smart home from one spot, including security. From surveillance videos to wireless alarms, options are extensive and save energy (more info). Furthermore, the less visible a security system is, the more effective it is. Wireless security systems have fewer dependent parts, meaning they’re less visible, and more likely to be useful as security systems go. Plus, they’re customizable such that you can determine what goes where and why. Wires tend to limit that autonomy.

  • Smart Lights

Not only are smart lights convenient but they tend to save a lot of energy as well. Most smart lights have dimmers, which can save a significant amount of energy and help save the environment. There are even some lightbulbs that adapt to your lifestyle and adjusts its light intensity. Traditional light bulbs tend to be huge energy consumers and are highly inefficient. Thankfully, with consumers recognizing the importance of saving energy, there are new technologies constantly invented for the sake of the environment.

  • A New Season Dawns

As the summer approaches, smart solutions multiply. Keeping aware of such innovations is good for you, it’s good for the planet, and it’s good for your wallet. If your home hasn’t seen a tech makeover in a while, give some home automation technologies a try. Most homes can be changed to a smart home without a massive transition. A small investment now will make a big impact in the future.

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