How Often Should You Wash My Face When You Have Acne

It is actually a big question that how often should you face wash your face when have you acne? The number of times totally depends upon your facial skin health but it is always advisable to wash your face twice a day. However the primary cause behind acne is not cleaning your face but how to treat and resolve your acne issue. It is important to make sure you practice daily cleansing. In general, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are important whether you have acne on your face or not. This helps the skin to stay healthy, free from germs and dirt, and allows it to rejuvenate itself at night.

People suffering from acne are mostly those who don’t wash their face properly which leaves dirt on their face and this can  lead to acne. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to wash your more often than other people to curb down acne issue. The best way to clean your skin is opting for strategic moves that meet the need of the skin tissue. This same rules applies for people who have oily skin and dry skin issue too; you never need to wash your face several times a day to control the skin problem – twice a day is sufficient.

Cleaning Your Facial Skin Twice a Day

People believe orthodox tales that acne can be cured by washing your face a huge number of times in a day but in reality, you just need to wash your twice a day. However, you can opt for a few more times, or if you live in a really humid condition or area. Just make sure you wash your face with cold water that will provide relief to your face. According to experts, you just need to cleanse your face once in the morning and again at night which will clean the sweat, oil, dirt, germs and makeup and allow the face to rejuvenate throughout the night.


It is important that you choose a reputed product for cleaning your face, but it is just as important to avoid chemically strong products that can do more harm than good. Experts always recommend opting for the best face wash for acne because this will speed up the healing process. Facial skin is a delicate portion of the body, and it is best to avoid chemical  soaps which make the skin dry and irritable. Make sure you choose a mild and soft cleanser that will heal your acne but not dry the skin out. There are many cleansers on the market suitable for people facing acne so choose carefully or try some DIY acne face masks that are very healing, moisturizing, and inexpensive.

You Should Remember Acne Doesn’t Originate From Dirty Face

Acne originates due to many causes, and a dirty face isn’t one of them. People who take care of their facial skin often suffer from mild acne on their face, so it can happen to anyone. Acne generally originates from abnormal shedding of skin cells, overactive sebaceous gland, and the explosion of bacteria. Many people think acne is from not washing their face enough. Many acne sufferers make the mistake of cleaning their face too often which can sometimes make acne worse and can tend to dry out the skin.

Acne is not totally related to your skin care habits, but also to hormonal problems that is one of the critical reasons that causes acne. Propionibacterium acnes is the bacteria that causes irritation in the skin when your acne on your face. During this time, the skin cells debar them from shedding which creates a lot of problems. Simple cleaning, moisturizing, and following these 7 top tips to say bye to acne is the best way to keep yourself free from acne breakouts.

Don’t Wash Your Face Too Often As It Escalates Acne

It is a common habit that people washes their face too often whenever they feel sweaty or if they think that there is dirt on their face. But when you have acne this is an unhealthy habit and can worsen the condition. The main reason behind this fact is that our face contains some good oil which is needed for the agile situation of the face. When these oils are washed away, the acid mantle which acts as a protective layer breaks down, and thus they worsen the condition of the skin.


According to experts, people shouldn’t even opt for cleansing too often because it makes the facial skin dry, flaky, irritable and reddish. You should maintain the top coating of the skin because it retains the right bacteria, sweat, and oil which ultimately support the health and quality. If you scrub your face, it is also recommended that you should not use a harsh scrubs that could worsen your condition.

Cleansing Is Not the Ultimate Solution for Acne

Cleansing serves as an important process for removing germs, dirt, makeup, excessive oil, etc. and it also assists in reducing blockage in the pores. However, people have the tendency to use harsh scrubs, body soap, face wash and especially water to clean their face when they feel something is on their face, therefore over cleansing and causing more acne breakouts.

Remember to cleanse your face only twice a day for healthy skin and reduce the effect of acne. With a healthy cleansing it is important that you also include a toner, moisturizer, and an acne remedy product on a daily basis as they are specially created to treat acne causes.

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If you are not suffering from chronic acne problem and have not been able to get it under control, then you might what to try other products. Some suggest using products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.  Other inexpensive and effective natural ways to help overcome acne is by following these seven natural ways to rejuvenate skin. Along with regular washing, you should use them for some weeks, and you will surely get some good result. You should remember that acne products work best on the skin when the face is properly washed and dried. However, if you are not satisfied with the normal products you have tried and not been able to get your acne under control than you should consult a healthcare provider who will assist in solving your acne problem.

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