How to Maximize Natural Light with Proper Window Coverings

Having an abundance of natural light in your home will significantly add to its beauty, but it will also contribute to your mental and physical health. Natural light encourages serotonin release that influences our mood and it also helps in regulating sleep.

With the right window treatments, you can still have sufficient light coming in but with proper UV protection that will maximize the health benefits of natural light. Sheer shades, curtains, draperies and shutters will allow ample natural light into your home, but they will also protect your privacy and your belongings from damage and fading.

Natural light

Here are several suggestions regarding the best choice of window coverings in order to maximize natural light in your home.


Sheer shades and privacy window shadings are a great way of allowing natural light into your home. They still provide privacy in areas such as your bathroom and bedroom while adding proper covering and being a stylish element in your décor.

In areas such as your sunroom that are meant to allow all the natural light possible, you can still take advantage of screen shades. Sometimes, the sun is relentless and too much of it can spoil your relaxation in the sunroom, so screen shades made of very light, gauzy and semi-translucent material will block some of the glare and give you more privacy while still letting plenty of natural light in.

Shutters and blinds

Shutters and blinds have lately become quite a popular and effective way of providing privacy to your home while also adding a modern and elegant touch. Even if you go with traditional shutters, you’ll be able to have a functional and stylish element in your home.

natural light and blinds

Shutters and blinds come in various forms, most often made of full-length vertical panels, while horizontal blinds that are commonly referred to as the rails, can be found on the top and bottom of the shutter. In addition, there are also parallel blinds that can be tilted to allow or block light according to your desire.

With the choice of other window treatments, such as roller, plantation and aluminum window furnishings, it’s best if you rely on professional help and advice from these Sydney-based experts for shutters in deciding the right product for your home. Wherever you live check on-line or for many choices and reputable companies that can give you the best advice for your home to help make it healthy and safe. By picking a perfect fit for your windows, you won’t only provide privacy, security and light control to your home, but an elegant and stylish feature to every room.

natural light and blinds


Whether you live in a bustling city with expensive housing prices like Chicago or a suburban area in the UK, if you’re looking for a compromise between sufficient sunlight and proper privacy, draperies are the best option. Despite having the entire window covered with fabric, it’s translucent enough to allow abundant natural light to enter the room.


By layering different types of curtains and draperies, you can control how much light comes in and you can also use different colors, patterns and textures to match them to the rest of your home décor.

For instance, custom tailored pleated draperies made of transparent sheer fabric will allow ample light to come in and in combination with white roller blinds, you’ll be able to modify the amount of light that comes in at various times of the day.
Knowing how beneficial natural light is to our health, it’s important to carefully consider all options of window treatments when furnishing your home. By making the right choice and introducing ample natural light to your home, you’ll bring in more beauty, color, freshness and vitality. Hopefully, the tips listed here will help you take advantage of the health benefits of light and enjoy in a home that is healthy and comfortable.


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