How to Save Water During Winter!

In recent years, almost everyone has become more conscientious about the environment. One of the biggest issues regarding our planet is water conservation. With winter, and the Holidays, coming soon, family and friends will gather to share special moments. However, let’s not forget to be mindful of our planet during this time. As you will see, there are several ways you can save water during this joyous time of year.

Saving Water During The Holidays

We all know that the Holidays are a time for friends, and family to enjoy a big meal. But, according to The Valley Business Journal, there are several things you can do to save water during this time.

Use The Fridge

For example, instead of running water at your kitchen faucet to thaw your frozen food, use the refrigerator. The food will be ready to cook, and you won’t waste water.

Wash With A Full Load

You should also consider washing with a full load. Whether it’s the laundry or washing machine, make the most of your water supply. Doing so will reduce the usage of these machines, which also cuts down on your electricity.

One Glass Per Person

Another trick involves glasses. Have a lot of guests? Make sure they carry their glass with them. That way, they’ll always have something to drink from, and you’ll cut down on what you need to wash.

Throw Away The Fat

If you’re cooking something fatty or greasy, don’t pour the excess fat down the drain. You’ll clog it. Instead, pour the fat into a separate container, and let it harden. Once it does, you can just throw out the container. Your drain will thank you later.

Don’t Pre-Rinse

Speaking of getting rid of messes, you’ll probably use the dishwasher after the holiday meal. Since many modern dishwashers are powerful enough to handle a big mess, you no longer need to pre-rinse your dishes. According to AXEON Water Technologies, running the tap uses 2.2 gallons per minute, and it doesn’t help the dishwasher cycle. So, you’d just be wasting time, and water.

Don’t Use The Garbage Disposal

You may not realize this. But, the garbage disposal only works properly when you run the faucet. Doing so without the water can damage its parts. However, composting is a great alternative that will also help the environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has great information on composting to further help the environment.

Shave And Shower

Showering can also consume a lot of water if you’re not careful. The average shower uses five gallons per minute. If you’re shaving in the sink, that just adds even more water. So, consider combining the two tasks, and lather up before you turn it on.

Prepare The Driveway

If you have guests coming, you’ll probably want to make the outside of your house look great, too. But, you can do so without any water at all. Just use a thick broom that will be able to pick up, and clean, everything. In most cases, you won’t need the hose. Besides, that’s another two gallons per minute you’ll save.

Roll Out The Barrel

rain barrel saving water

If you live in an area where it rains often, and is fairly-warm throughout the year, use that to your advantage. According to, using a barrel to collect the rainwater will allow you to conserve it for later use. Doing so will also help you save on your utility bills. Rain barrels are a great tool to save water in your garden at any time of the year.


The Holidays are a great time of year to be with friends and family. Thinking of ways to gather, and save water, will allow everyone to have fun. It will also offer you the chance to lower your water bill while also helping the environment, which will make everyone happy.

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