How to Start Eating Healthy Food

Staying healthy comes from the many choices we make every day especially on what we eat as food. Most people don’t know that they could still have healthy foods that are tasty at the same time. They still have the notion that healthy foods are not tasty. All they think about are things like broccoli. However, it all starts by abandoning the unhealthy foods first – replacing junk food and snacks with food substances that are full of minerals and vitamins.

1. Abandon Unhealthy Foods

To get a chance to eat healthy food, one must find a way of getting rid of the unhealthy options.

Create room for healthy foods by doing the following:
  • Save Cakes for Special Occasions

It is fine to have celebrations in your life such as holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. However, don’t use this as an excuse to take in unhealthy carbs and sugars. Eat the cake when you really have to and not on everyone’s birthday. Go for berries rather than a dessert when eating out.


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  • Take Unsweetened Tea or Coffee

Consuming 1-2 sweetened drinks on a daily basis puts you at risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Drinks sweetened artificially are also not a solution since they are known to lead for other sweet foods carvings.

  • Making Your Order in the Restaurant

 The first person to place a meal order sets the tone for everyone. People are likely to indulge in an unhealthy meal if the first person to order asked for it. A healthy salad, on the other hand, will put pressure on people to make a similar order. To eat healthily, one must endeavour to keep off this psychological trap by always being decided on what to eat before other people entice you with their orders.

  • Don’t buy Junk for anyone

 If something is no healthy for you, then don’t buy it for anyone else. Don’t get anyone fried chips or cookies while you know you can’t eat them. You may get trapped in the loop as you keep on doing this occasionally.


how to switch to healthy diet

  • Do Product Placements at Home

Buy what you need and keep off splurge foods from your fridge. Make sure that the food options that you see in your kitchen every day comprise healthy foods. Anytime you see food, it prompts you to act. Therefore, replace crackers and candies with natural fruits like apples.

  • Stop Eating Food Family Style

Research shows that human beings tend to eat more than they are supposed to when eating from a big shared plate compared to pre-served portions. Large servings create peer pressure of taking samples of everything that may not be needed in the body. To avoid this, leave platters in the kitchen for everyone to serve themselves.

  • Do Small Snack Portions

When you eat mindlessly, you end up eating more than was intended. This is especially when eating snacks while watching TV. It is always important to determine what to eat during those sessions before you get started.

  • Your Meals Should Last 20 minutes

Racing through your meals increases risks of heartburn, obesity and diabetes. Eating healthy requires that you take time to chew your food well and take breaks in between to take you about 20 minutes to eat your food.

2. Switching to Healthy Diets

Now that you have identified what is not good for you, it is time to make that switch to healthy eating. Make the changes gradually.

Here is how to proceed:
  • Keep things simple. Start avoiding processed and packaged foods and get fresh ingredients for your meals instead of counting the calories you take.


  • Prepare your meals. Make most of your meals. That means you will have a bigger control over what goes into your meal.


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  • Always check labels for food products constituents. Even if the food is said to be healthy, confirm the actual composition in them.


  • Make the right healthy foods replacements. Change from taking Trans fats such as eating grilled salmon instead of fried chicken.


healthy foods


  • Keep taking note of how you feel after every meal. Healthy foods should leave you feeling better than others that drain your energy or get you uncomfortable.



The Bottom Line
Getting started with healthy eating is a gradual process. Endeavor to prepare most of your meals to regulate the contents of each one of them. Make the right replacements as highlighted in here for a healthy eating.

Author Bio
The author is a seasoned health and nutrition WriteMyPaper professional who has made a lot of contribution in this area. He is also a professional chef with a rich background and training on the same. He has contributed a lot of literature material to ThesisRush health and nutrition department.


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