Natural Herbs to Improve Hormonal Regulation During Menopause


Natural herbs to improve hormonal regulation during menopause

Midlife times for women often come with great challenges as the process of menopause sets in. During Perimenopause and eventually menopause, there are drastic hormonal changes that take place in a woman’s body which often make the woman’s life uncomfortable. Progesterone decreases drastically when a woman is undergoing the transition to menopause to an all-time low of 25%. Estrogen on the other hand however decreases only by 35% to reach a 65% content in the body. This causes such a great hormonal imbalance in the body that throws the body off-balance with various menopausal symptoms that are quite unpleasant.

Here are some of the menopausal symptoms which drastically affect a woman’s life during menopause:

Night sweats

Low libido

Dry vagina


Urinary incontinence






Weight gain

Hair loss

Inability to concentrate




Fibrocystic breast

The use of Hormone Replacement Therapy to treat such symptoms has been found to have great side effects to the extent of increasing cancer risk and heart-related illness for prolonged use. This leaves women with narrower options for alleviating this discomfort. There are however herbs and alternative medicine which may not pause the same risk as the use of HRT because of thier being natural. Scientific research has been conducted on these herbs, and they have been found to contain substances which are similar to the reproductive hormones in a woman’s body and would, therefore, mimic the behavior of those hormones to the stabilization of the body. They have also been effective in treating related reproductive issues from many centuries ago and therefore they have the confidence of the many people who have used these herbs.

Here are some of the herbs that make a big difference when it comes to menopausal symptoms.

Korean ginseng

Ginseng is also known as Panax among the Greeks which means ‘all curing’ because this herb has been found to benefit almost everyone, at whatever age of life with its healing properties. Its prowess is cited in managing blood sugar; it stabilizes it by improving the process of fatty acid metabolism. This helps reduce stress on adrenals and ends up improving the energy, stamina and general physical performance. This herb additionally helps with enhancing oxygenation in the whole body so that the immune system is strengthened. It works wonderfully well with menopausal symptoms relieving hot flashes and night sweats among the many other menopausal symptoms. It is important that everyone wanting to take ginseng takes the time to consult with an expert in matters of ginseng and its usage.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is another of those great herbs that have worked to alleviate hot flashes, increase the flow of blood towards the pelvic area for better libido and reduce dry vagina. It also works to improve any hormone related depression and relieves spasms. The vital component in Black Cohosh is triterpene glycosides which have estrogen modulating impacts for the body’s metabolism. These vital components in Black Cohosh mimics estrogen and therefore has been used to treat symptoms that arise from estrogen deficiency in the body without having to use Hormone Replacement Therapy. Black Cohosh offers the best alternative medication with no side effects to treat estrogen deficient symptoms. While Black cohosh is natural and may therefore not pause any threat of side effects, it is safer for a woman wanting to use black cohosh to consider the supervision of a qualified personnel who have expertise in Black Cohosh. This would reduce any risks.

Don Quai

It is also known as Angelica Sinsensis. Its defining characteristic lies in its ability to modulate the functioning of the estrogen receptors. The components present in Don Quai are believed to have estrogenic expression tendencies but they are in significantly reduced potencies when compared to human estrogens in the ratio of 1:400. Don Quai helps achieve maximum estrogen expression in any woman’s body.

In the case of menopause where estrogen is significantly low, Don Quai works by blinding and influencing estrogen receptors in order to enhance the interaction of estrogen and body tissues. In the event estrogen patterns are dominant, it competes with estrogen receptors binding to lower the potency of estrogen on the body tissues.

In addition, it is great with anemic conditions as it improves iron absorption and reduces any inflammation and pain in the body. It helps increase lubrication in the vagina and improve cardiac functioning.

Research is still underway to further discover more benefits of Don quai and efficient and effective use of the herb. It would therefore be good if anyone wanting to use Don Quai first considers the directions from an expert of Don Quai.


Alternative medicine and herbs are revolutionizing the medical world especially as it offers a much safer option when compared to the other conventional methods of addressing menopausal symptoms. Try either of the above under the supervision of a qualified person and you can be sure to reap the benefits thereof.

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    Herbs have helped me tremendously with my pre-menopause symptoms. I use red clover as a nutritive herb and to relieve cramps, and Angelica has really helped with my insomnia.

    1. So good to hear. Nature provides us with so many natural herbal remedies that can work wonders. Thank for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy happy & blessed day!

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