Reasons Why You Should Prune Your Trees Regularly

The way a tree looks has a lot to do with where it is growing. For example, a tree in the wilderness has its charm in the way it grows where it pleases: the trunk growing according to the direction of the sun, branches colliding with nearby trees, leaves forming a protective dome over everything that is under it, etc. But it’s not exactly pleasing to see the wild roaming of leaves and twigs somewhere in a park in the city or down the block.



Many movies have made the idea of pruning something that requires a martial arts expert with swords slicing away furiously at a plant to present a leafy mound of artistic or comedic shape at the end. Although this concept is over-the-top and highly exaggerated, pruning is definitely an art form.

It requires the right tool and the precision of an experienced hand to make just the correct measurements, and the type and depth of a cut to make a tree look like a piece of art.

Pruning is the process of snipping or cutting off parts of a tree that are dead, infested, or uneven. Although we hear a lot about pruning bushes and shrubs, each plant demands its own form of expertise.

A Pruned Tree is a Healthy Tree

All trees at any stage of their growth need pruning to maintain their health. This is essential for trees that are tall and may be part of a large cluster or grove. Pruning can mean anything from removing or treating parts of the tree that are dead, drying out, teaming with infection from an open wound, or have become home to worms, ants, or other bugs.

This has to be done to make sure that the rest of the tree stays intact and survives anything that might be of risk to its overall look and life span. All trees should be pruned at least once a year and during the Spring season for good health and growth.

Balance is Key

In the case of trees on streets or pavements, it is essential to get a tree the right size and height, but not just to match the other trees in its area. Who doesn’t like to see and walk down a row of perfectly sized and shaped trees?

Another reason to balance the sides of a tree or with other trees is to make sure that the branches of any of the other trees are not fighting for space or sunlight. Most trees in the open place or forests don’t have to worry about this, but in the cities and urban areas, it’s a must to ensure that neither the aesthetics nor the general growth of any tree is compromised.

Safety Measure

In the case of heavy wind, a stray branch could easily be swayed off its tree and damage or hurt anything beneath it. Also, trees that are not scaled to its environment can get into lots of trouble such as getting tangled in the wires from a telephone pole or electricity supply line. These trees can easily cause short circuits, or in the worst-case scenario, start a fire that might spread on to a nearby suburban home, building, or another type of structure.

Taller trees are also prone to attracting lightning during thunderstorms. They can, not only catch on fire, but also pose a threat to any person standing directly under the tree when this happens. So pruning trees also becomes a matter of safety.

If Pruning is not the Answer

If pruning can’t seem to solve the problem, it might be time to remove the tree. This can be a difficult decision to make and also an expensive one. There is the option of transplanting the tree to another location if cutting down the tree can be avoided. Experts like those that look after Sydney tree related issues in Australia always consider the impact that cutting down a tree does to the environment, and is ever taken as a last resort.

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