Some Life Changing Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces can feel like a very exhausting tasks. There are a lot to think about — the size of furniture, storage solutions, the color schemes, and design functionality. But interior designers love the challenge these mini dwellings bring and they actually enjoy making them look stylish and spacious.

In Central London, there are a lot of small apartments and loft units with functional spaces and luxurious appeal. In areas like Chelsea and Knightsbridge, home refurbishment and interior design services are very in-demand, especially for single individuals, young couples, and starting families who opt to start out and rent small homes in the heart of the city, near their work places.

Interior Design tips and idea

We’ve asked our team of interior designers about some of their suggested interior design ideas for small spaces that are guaranteed life changing. There are a lot but below are some of our favorites. Read on>>>>>>

Paint it bright

Dark rooms don’t work well in small spaces. They tend to diminish the look of a room, making it appear even somewhat full. Always stick to lighter hues such as creams, beige, warm grays, and whites to achieve the mood of an airy, open space.

Dark colors can do great in bedrooms because they tend to give you a calmer and relaxed mood. In a 1 bedroom space, you may choose to paint your bedroom area dark and the living area and kitchen light.

Walking up to a bright space can also do wonders in your health so if you are thinking of ways on how to start with refurbishing your small space, start with the paint.


Bring on the mirrors.

Most interior designers would prefer the addition of mirrors in small spaces. You may even see a full wall covered in mirrors and it works all the time!

Mirrors maximize the look of a small space and can give an illusion of additional square foot. If you put it behind a light source, it can even maximize the light’s reach. You may consider putting a large mirror behind the wall as well or create a small gallery of mirrors in different sizes and shapes and see how it can transform your plain apartment.

This is a simple interior design solution that easy to do and stylish at the same time.

Utilize functional shelves.

You can place shelves in almost every corner of your apartment or condominium.

In the living room, you can use these functional shelves to display photos and memorabilia or your children’s books. In the bedroom however, it can be a perfect place to put in desk clock, remote controls, and other things you always use while in the bedroom. It can also be perfect for glasses and plates in the kitchen and it can accommodate toiletries it the bathroom. These shelves are pretty much organize and a small space would not be complete without them.

There are many shelves of different sizes and shapes available. Check what works best for you or for the theme you have in mind for your small space.

Stylish dividers.

Open space lofts, studio units, and apartment with high ceilings and few wall always appear stunning, style wise but they are not always practical particularly to those who value privacy at the comfort of their own bed.

Dividers then serve as a very functional tool to divide spaces, giving you a more sense of privacy and intimacy you need at your home. With dividers, you do not have to permanently close a space, you are just merely opening up a new space to a rather small home.

There are many stylish dividers available in the market today. You can go for a simple divider or you can have something customized to fit a particular space in your home. You may look in the many different ideas online for inspiration.


Two in one furniture’s.

There are a lot of functional furniture’s available today that are built specifically to fit small spaces. These are very desirable for units who can’t carry much to begin with.

The thing here is, you really need to think of ways on how a single piece of furniture can work both ways. For children’s room for example, there are bunk beds with a desk area down below. There are also couches and beds with storage underneath that you can use as extra drawers. A divider can also serve as a book shelves.

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Desk on the wall.

Instead of buying a physical table and chair to serve as your home office, if you have a small space, it is much better to invest in a wall-mounted desk to put in your laptop and some office stuff. For more style and functionality, the desk can also be a folding table with storage space for you to put in additional books, files, or even your pen collection. At the end of a busy working day, you can easily fold it and stow away.

This idea won’t take up much space but is ultra important especially to those who are working and in need of a personal office of their own in a small apartment. Add some wall-mounted lighting fixture if you must if you tend to be working at night. The wall-mounted table can just be a simple wood.

Living in a small apartment should not hold you back from making the most out of it, especially the storage. You’d be surprise to see the amount of furniture’s you can put in there as long as you have the most functional ones. The designs that you can make use of are endless as well. As for the storage spaces, there are also a lot of inspirations you can find in the internet. You just need to make time for research.

If you are in need of interior designers, feel free to search for those who do house refurbishment and Interior design services in your area. Don’t hesitate to ask. Some offer their initial plan of designs for free.

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