Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyle with Greenery and Plants

Deciding to live a sustainably is something that shows in all aspects of your life. From the energy you consume to the products you purchase, it’s important to keep the environment top of mind. Forgetting or losing sight of your goal can set you back in the long run. Living a healthy lifestyle is part of sustainable living and adding greenery to our surrounding can benefit us and the environment.  Indoor plants can instantly boost our health and happiness. They help us feel closer to Nature, and feel happier!, Plants clean the air naturally, help to reduce stress, improve our mood. Whatever way you look at it they should be part of our everyday life.

One way to remain environmentally conscious throughout your day is by surrounding yourself with greenery. Greenery is the everyday, living, breathing reminder of your mission. Not to mention, it’s a great addition to any decor.

To help you incorporate greenery into your home, FTD has greenery decor ideas for every room. Fill your entryway with fresh clipping from the garden or include a whole shelf of fresh potted plants in your bedroom. Regardless of your design decision, the greenery will be another way to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle!


How to decorate your entryway with greenery

Living Room:

How to decorate your living room with greenery

Dining room:

How to decorate your dining room with greenery


How to decorate your bedroom with greenery

Outdoor space:

How to decorate your outdoor space with greenery

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