The Best 15-Minute From Scratch Easter Pancakes

Easter is around the corner and Lent is almost over (there’s even rhyme here, so apply the tune of ‘Peter cottontail’ and get into an instant Easter mood). The last thing you ate before the Lent were pancakes, so let them be the first thing you’ll eat after it finishes. There is no better way to welcome back eggs and dairy, nor a better moment to remind yourself why you’ve missed them so badly!

Easter Egg Pancakes

Egg-shaped pancakes are the easiest and quickest to make. They also give you an opportunity to include the kids in the decoration process. Announce that everyone gets to decorate their own Easter breakfast hotcakes and watch their excited faces.

To make the batter, you’ll need your favorite traditional pancake recipe. Grease and heat a skillet or a frying pan over medium-high heat, then pour the batter in egg shapes. If you don’t feel skilled enough, just cook the flapjacks the regular way, only smaller.

Another option is to use a metal egg-shaped cookie cutter. Don’t forget to grease it before each use! At this point, you can choose to introduce any add-ins if you wish. Cook both sides until golden brown (2-3 minutes each).

As far as decoration is concerned, there’s no limit – organic whipped cream, frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips, berries, dried fruits, sprinkles…whatever comes to mind- just make it organic!

Bunny Pancakes

Call fruits to the rescue! I’ve tried several ways to make Easter bunny pancakes, but the method that uses fruits proved to be the simplest. Moreover, besides freshness and yumminess, fruits add a healthy twist to the recipe! BTW, kids can also help with this one.

Use your favorite standard pancake recipe and make the flapjacks the usual way. Place one perfectly round flapjack on a big plate (towards the bottom).

Peel one banana, then slice it in half. Slice it in half once more, this time lengthwise, and place the halves on top of your pancake to represent the ears.

Two blueberries will represent the eyes, a strawberry or a raspberry will be the nose, whereas the mouth and whiskers will be made with very thin apple slices.

Easter Mold Pancakes

Making pancakes in a mold is so easy, so if that is not a challenge big enough for you, enter natural food coloring.

Prepare the usual batter, then divide it into four (or five batches). Add a different natural food coloring into each batch and stir until incorporated. The choice of colors is at your discretion but as far as I am concerned the more vibrant, the better. It is spring after all!

Grease egg, flower, bunny, butterfly, and bird-shaped molds or cookie cutters. Place them on a hot greased skillet or pan, then pour the batter, taking care not to overfill.

Cook until bubbles begin to appear on top, then remove the cookie cutters and turn the flapjacks. Continue cooking for a minute more, until golden.

Arrange the pancakes on decorative serving plates or baskets simply sprinkled with organic powdered sugar.

Happy Easter everyone!


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