The Essential Features of a Sustainable New Home

With the growing awareness of the importance of environmental conservation and protection, building green homes has been on the rapid rise and green homes have become synonymous with smart homes of the future.

Whether you’re buying, selling or building your home, it’s no longer just about a prime location, a great backyard and pretty paint colors. Nowadays, green homes focus on the big issues such as energy and water conservation, solar power, and superb air quality, but they also include the important details such as organic floors, paints, wallpapers, and allergen-free fabrics.

If you’re wondering where to start when building your own green home, here are several suggestions to consider.

sustainable home

Building a sustainable home

Making your dream of an ideal green home come true is not an easy thing to do. There are endless options regarding its design. Each one of them is unique and should eventually reflect your personal style. In order to make sure you’ll have your beautiful, cutting-edge home, with all the features you desire, consider hiring experienced residential builders who will work closely with you on every step of the project so as to deliver the home you want. Primarily, they’ll work on the design itself, but they will also organize the documentation with your local authorities, make all the preparations, construct your home, and, if you desire, work on the interior and landscaping as well.

Conserving energy

One of the latest innovative systems for green homes is the geothermal system for heating and cooling. It’s the system that’s computer-controlled in order to optimize production and output, and as a result, it only produces the amount of energy required for the present moment.

Geothermal pumps in this system use between 25 and 50% less electricity than those in conventional systems, which means your annual energy bill will be 40% lower than that in traditional homes. Moreover, as it doesn’t have any outdoor condensing units, it doesn’t leave a negative impact on the environment.

Another addition you should consider including is a smart thermostat. It has the option to learn homeowners’ daily patterns of leaving and returning home, and then it sets the heating/cooling system to their individual comfort by using the acquired data. This significantly reduces the overall energy consumption..

Conserving water

As the world statistics show, due to an increase in droughts in many parts of our planet, water conservation is no longer a good idea but an immediate necessity. One innovative system that could help is a smart irrigation system that allows you to tailor your watering. It tunes itself to the amount of light, soil condition and the weather forecast, thus guaranteeing a savings of nearly 40% in water consumption.

As for the indoors, the easiest way to be water-savvy is to install smart showe-rheads. There’s even an option to connect them to your iPad or an iPhone which allows you to set alerts in intervals and thus limit your water spending.

Utilizing solar power

Whereas purchasing solar panels might still not be affordable to everyone, there are other ways to efficiently incorporate solar power into your new green home For instance, you can save on both, energy and outlet space, by using a solar phone charger. While you sit outside, basking in the sun and sipping your cold drink, this portable device will fully charge your smartphone in 2.5 hours using the sun rays. It takes about the same time as a conventional wall charger, except it’s free and eco-friendly.
Improving air quality

The final must-have of a sustainable home is the prime quality indoor air. One option is to install a savvy air filtration system that imports fresh air in and filters out allergens and pollen giving you clean, healthy air in return. In order to maintain the air clean, consider using VOC-free paints and materials, as they do not release any harmful substances in the air, keeping it safe for the entire family at all times.

Incorporating innovative solutions in sustainable building means taking the right direction towards preserving the environment. In this way, it’s possible to create a greener home and lead a healthier lifestyle that will have positive effect on the global landscape of our planet.

Are you doing your part to conserve water and energy to help make this world and your home more sustainable?

Please leave you tips and ideas in the comment and share this article to help do your part to leave a healthier and safer world to our children and all future generations!

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