The Ugly Truth About Excitotoxins


excitotoxinsExcitotoxins! what the heck are they? Answer – MSG, aspartame, food additives that are in many processed foods and are not natural ingredients. The ugly truth about excitotoxins is they are a dangerous substance that have many health risks and should be avoided.   They are substances that cause brain neurons to become excited, firing impulses so rapidly they cause brain cells to die. According to Natural News and an interview with  Dr. Russell Blaylock excitototoxins can cause neurological diseases.

As we consume MSG or aspartame over time, our body produces a formaldehyde by-product through the metabolism of those chemicals. The formaldehyde binds to DNA cells and causes DNA damage.  It’s the accumulation of the formaldehyde over time that can lead to various health conditions. Your body can accumulate those toxins and they can have a compound effect such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, including cancer. Many people that are extremely sensitive have been known to experience severe headaches and recurring migraines almost immediately after consuming MSG or aspartame.  Read some more disturbing facts from Natural News about aspartame!

There are glutamate neurotransmitters in the brain but also in the heart, the nervous system and intestinal tract. This means that lacking natural protection or consuming large amounts of MSG, aspartame or other excitotoxin can result in immediate negative reaction.

But I have some good news — you can boost your body’s natural protection against excitotoxin reactions, and help your body to detox those dangerous chemicals.

Herbs and nutrients protecting against MSG and aspartame damage:

  •  Magnesium
  •  Ginkgo Biloba
  •  Omega 3
  •  Selenium
  •  Red clover
  •  Zinc

MSG and Aspartame Detox:

The first step into detoxification is obviously to avoid exposing yourself to the toxinAspartame is easy to avoid as it’s always clearly listed on the ingredients. Making your food from scratch if possible, eat organic and/or local harvest foods and always eat real foods is the safest and healthiest way.

However, MSG comes under many names and can be difficult to spot,  Check out —MSG & Aspartame & Their Imitators”. 

In most cases the more the food is processed the greater is the risk of containing MSG or other undesirable food additive.  Foods for vegetarians and vegans contain isolated soy protein, so “make sure you check labels carefully” on these products.  Those substances, along with other autolyzed or hydrolyzed proteins forms dangerous free glutamate.

Ways to detox naturally:

  • The detox process will naturally starts when you avoid eating and drinking foods with MSG or aspartame. Eat real food!
  • You can help to support the detox process by taking milk thistle to help the liver detoxify the toxins.
  • Turmeric (Read —  “Turmeric – Is It a Medical Miracle?” is also a good option. It has curcumin, a substance that supply your body with DNA repairing enzymes.
  •  Broccoli sprouts, vitamins B1 and B6, C and E are some other good choices for detoxing plus they very beneficial for your body to maintain good health.

Avoiding MSG and aspartame  is important to live a healthy green lifestyle.  Eliminating them it from your family’s diet is vital to stay healthy and disease free.We should eat natural foods that Nature has provided not artificially produced factory food that is filled toxic chemicals.  Avoid GMO’s that have been linked to many health dangers as well as excitotoxins. Making the right choices in your diet can ensure a happy and healthy life! Eating local harvest, organic, and real food is the key to good health.




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    1. HI Bill,
      Your quite welcome and thanks for reading my article and commenting. I wish every one would stop using MSG – it would be a healthier world. Have a healthy happy day. Marla

  1. Hi Marla,
    It is so important to alert people to the dangers of MSG and other excitotoxins. I have been trying to convince some of my family members to stop using aspartame and products containing this additive for quite a while. I am so glad you shared this valuable, eye-opening information with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

    1. I believe that all the additives and chemicals that many people use everyday is the underlining cause to much disease that we are seeing in our society. I believe it is vitally important that people are aware of what the consequences are. Always glad to be part of Health Happy Green & Natural Blog Hop!

  2. I didn’t know that things like MSG made it so the “brain neurons to become excited, firing impulses so rapidly they cause brain cells to die.” Wow. Thanks for sharing this info at the hop. Good things to remember when trying to live a healthier lifestyle!

    1. Hi Becca, MSG has so many adverse health affects and brain function is just one of them. Thanks for reading my article and hopefully it will help you and others live a healthier lifestyle. Have a healthy happy weekend! Marla

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