What Happens When you Mix CBD and Alcohol?

Mixing CBD and alcohol is an up-and-coming trend that is here to stay. Bartenders and bar owners across the states are introducing cannabidiol (CBD) into their cocktails and beers. CBD has been touted as one of the most versatile and therapeutic compounds of this generation. Alcohol drinkers have quickly jumped on the bandwagon of CBD-infused alcoholic drinks to prevent headaches, hangovers, and lethargy.

CBD and Alcohol

Despite these health claims, the question remains: is mixing CBD and alcohol a good thing? Preliminary research into the matter suggests that mixing CBD and alcohol can be beneficial for some, but should be approached with caution. Studies suggest that mixing CBD and alcohol can lead to unique interactions within the body if taken within four to eight hours of each other.

CBD and alcohol

Research on Mixing CBD and Alcohol

A study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology tested the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol. The study measured the blood alcohol levels of 10 healthy participants who consumed either a placebo pill or a 200 mg CBD capsule with their alcoholic drinks. Participants who consumed CBD had significantly lower blood alcohol levels than those who didn’t, although all users exhibited the same level of impairment in motor coordination and cognition.

Another study in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior tested the effects of topical CBD gel on alcohol-induced neurodegeneration on rodents. Excessive alcohol consumption, or binge drinking, can cause changes in behavior and neurodegeneration. The results showed that rodents who took CBD experienced less alcohol-related neurodegeneration than those who didn’t. The results indicate the effectiveness of CBD across multiple delivery systems.

Additional research from Free Radical Biology & Medicine tested the effects of CBD on alcohol-induced oxidative damage and fatty liver disease. The results showed that CBD has protective qualities on the liver against alcohol-induced liver steatosis in mice through multiple avenues. Excessive alcohol consumption can reduce the removal of dead cells, but CBD can normalize these levels.

Effects of Mixing CBD and Alcohol

These results are far from conclusive and depend solely on animal subjects, but the future is looking bright for CBD’s protective effects against alcohol-induced damage in humans. For now, users should consume their CBD and alcohol pairings in low doses, especially if they don’t regularly drink. Users should try each substance alone and gauge the effects before mixing them together.

Users have reported feeling stronger CBD effects when they’ve consumed it with alcohol. Mixing CBD and alcohol can make people overly sedated and generally amplify their unique effects while inebriated. The effects of mixing CBD and alcohol are very unclear and depend on a person’s metabolism, methods of consumption, potency, dosage, and many more factors.

As users continue mixing CBD and alcohol in CBD cocktails and beer, research discovers new ways in which CBD attempts to protect the body from certain types of damage. One study even shows that cannabis smokers have remarkably lower odds of developing liver diseases than non-smokers or non-dependent smokers. Until a consensus on the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol has been reached, users must approach this matter with caution.

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