What Part of the Body Does the Elliptical Target?

Elliptical trainers have gained a lot of popularity over the years due to the number of exercise and health benefits these amazing machines offer. Whether you are looking to tone your muscles, burn calories to lose weight, or perform aerobic workouts, a perfect elliptical is an ideal choice for you. While the included functions and design of different ellipticals vary to some degree, they are all designed to work with the same parts and muscle groups of the body.


Elliptical trainers and healthy living


Following are the parts of the body ellipticals target:


Ellipticals are mainly designed for cardiovascular workouts. So, while others parts of your body get a good workout, none of them is being worked like your heart. The motion of the elliptical is non-impact and gentle on the joints. It works effectively to raise the heart rate just like a stairclimber or treadmill.

Core Strength

Strengthening core muscle groups like abdominals and the back can be challenging. Ellipticals are ideal for building up core strength because most of the workouts you perform on them depend on balance. Having solid core strength helps to increase athletic performance and eliminate back pain. You don’t need to rely on the handlebars of an elliptical to sturdy yourself and your core strength. Furthermore, you can even carry hand weights while training to take the workout to the next level.

Gluteus Maximus

Gluteus Maximus are important muscles of the body that run from lower back down to the thighs. These muscles are responsible for giving you a tight firm backside. Gluteus Maximus provide stability in the hips. This stability is important if you want to be able to safely move around at any age. Cyclists and runners are some of the athletes that can benefit from working their glutes on an elliptical trainer. Individuals over 50 can also benefit from it. Working this large muscle group is also great when it comes to boosting metabolism and burning calories.


Ellipticals are great workout machines to exercise your leg muscles, particularly the quadriceps. These muscles are located in the thighs that contract and expand every time you move your legs or lift. Pushing down on the pedals of an elliptical will force the four main muscles that make up your quads to flex repetitively. As a result, it will help build strength. When you take advantage of the ‘incline’ function of an elliptical, your hamstrings can also get a safe workout. This can be very helpful in improving the flexibility in your legs and preventing certain types of injuries.

Upper Body

Most ellipticals are equipped with moveable handles that allow you to effectively work the muscles in your chest, upper back, arms, and shoulders. Even if the handles are stationary, an elliptical can still offer you a full body workout. This is particularly true when you are working your rhomboids and other muscles in your upper back. An elliptical with moveable handles or poles can help you strengthen and tone your biceps and triceps.

Exercise is an important part of healthy living just as eating organic, when possible and making sure you have a balanced nutritious diet should be part of your daily routine. Health and overall well-being does not happen by accident but by living a healthy lifestyle in every aspect of your life. This is the key to staying healthy, strong and disease free.

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