Winter Care: 10 Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy and Moisturized!


Healthy skin in winter season

Whenever winter season is nearer, many people start to get tensed about their skin condition. Many people are likely to face problems like dry skin, flaking, cracking, and even eczema. According to the study, xerosis (dry skin) gets worse during the winter season. The thing is that unhealthy skin during the winter season is not only a health problem, but it also ruins your appearance.

Should you stay passive and wait for the winter to go away, or you should do something about your problem? The choice is yours. If you want to do something about the problem, then continue reading this article. The tips mentioned in this article will not only solve your problems, but it will also help to prevent the skin problems, leading to healthy skin in the winter season.

10 fantastic tips for healthy and moisturized skin:

You are very much likely to have skin problems if you don’t take good care of your skin. The statistics show that around 31.6 million Americans are diagnosed with eczema, and 10.7% of the children in the United States are likely to suffer from eczema/atopic dermatitis. This is the reason why you should be careful about your skin health. Let’s take a look at 10 amazing tips to keep your skin healthy and moisturized this winter.

1. Shea butter

Shea butter is used in many cosmetic products nowadays. It was used in ancient Egypt and Africa for treating many types of skin problems like dry skin, sore skin, and others. It is a fat extracted from the shea tree’s nut, which is primarily found in Africa. It is absorbed quickly by the skin. It contains vitamin A, which is beneficial for your skin. Organic coconut oil is another great choice. 

2. Stay away from wet socks and gloves

You should stay away from wet socks and gloves. It irritates your skin, which can lead to cracking, sores, itching, and even eczema.

3. Take a shower in lukewarm water

You may want to take a shower in hot water, especially in a winter season. It does feel really good, but it is not beneficial for your skin. The intense heat can destroy the lipid barrier in the skin, which leads to loss of moisture from the skin. You should instead use lukewarm water to keep your skin fresh.

4. Olive oil/Coconut oil 

Olive oil is extremely beneficial for your skin, and it is affordable as well at the same time. It is a great moisturizer. You can have soft skin with the use of olive oil. It has anti-inflammatory property as well, which provides relief from red skin, rashes, and outbreaks. The study shows that olive oil may even ward off skin cancer. Coconut oil prevents dry skin and is very healing with its antimicrobial properties and moisturizing abilities. 

5. Moisturize your skin

You should moisturize your skin right after you wash your face. It helps to seal the skin’s dampness. You should keep your moisturizer near your bathtub.

6. Be careful while choosing a moisturizer

It is good to use moisturizer, but it does not mean every product is good for your skin. Some moisturizer may contain petroleum-based ingredients, which can make your skin further dry. You should choose a good quality oil-based natural moisturizer.

7. Sunscreen

You may think sunscreen is only to be used in the summer season, but it is not true. You should use sunscreen even in the winter season. You should apply high-quality broad-spectrum sunscreen 30 minutes before getting exposed to the sunlight.

8. Drink

Most of the people realize that adequate drinking amount of water is essential for better health, but they ignore it. It will help you to keep yourself hydrated. You can drink a little bit of lemon juice as well to keep yourself refreshed.

9. Protect your skin

Don’t just walk around in winter season without wearing gloves and scarves. It helps you to protect your skin from extreme cold and also from sunlight.

10. Exfoliate

The final tip on the list is exfoliation. It is necessary to remove dead cells from your skin because it blocks moisture from getting into your skin. You can find an exfoliating mask in the market, and you should gently use it on your hands, lips, and face. After that, you can follow up with moisturizer and experience the difference for yourself.


I believe you are free of stress after going through the tips. These simple tips are practical, and it will help to keep your skin moisturized and healthy even in the cold winter season. You should not follow these tips once and stay passive for a whole month. You should follow the tips mentioned in this article regularly to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. Healthy and moisturized skin also means attractive personality. Stay healthy and beautiful this winter.

Author Bio: Ella James is an independent researcher and writer. She has contributed to many online websites related to general health and fitness. Her interests include reading and writing about day-to-day health, fitness, and skin care problems. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.





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