15 Amazing Health Benefits of Local Raw Honey

What is raw honey? Raw honey is one of Nature’s gift that offers us a wealth of health from bees and has many amazing healing properties and health benefits. Raw Honey is pure unfiltered and unpasteurized natural sweetener made by bees from the nectar of flowers.

Health benefits of honey


It is a wonderful alternative to toxic processed sugar and beating the addiction many people struggle with or other artificial sweeteners that contain dangerous toxic chemicals such as aspartame

What is the difference between raw honey and processed honey?

Raw honey has been filtered and heated after gathered from the hive.

Processed honey has been pasteurized destroying most of the natural nutritional value that raw honey contains. It is filtering to remove any undesirable look which includes the pollen which gives raw honey many of its healing powers. Bee pollen and raw honey health benefits includes seasonal allergies and so much more. The bee pollen from raw honey can help heal the body and boost your immune system.  Many natural healers or alternative medicine providers have touted bee pollen and raw honey on the top of their list of superfoods with it many antioxidant powers and amazing healing properties for the entire body.

I strongly recommend that you check out the infographic below provided by healthyhomestead.com to see how raw honey can help you live a healthier and happier life and put you on the road to ultimate health and wellness!


Health benefits of Raw Honey Infographic



7 thoughts on “15 Amazing Health Benefits of Local Raw Honey!”

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  6. This is great information. I only use raw honey and I knew it is better than processed honey but i didn’t know all of these benefits. I actually have two different friends who are bee keepers!!
    We are lucky to use be able to get their raw local honey!!!

    1. Hi Judee,
      Local raw honey is probably one of the most nutritious foods that we have. I love raw honey! The pollen granules just to eat that are also so amazingly healthy for you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

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