4 Types of Weed Killer for Your Garden

Weeds are just plants, but these are not beneficial all time. Some common weeds are useful because a human can use it for medicine and food. Some are good for animal’s use. These are considered unwanted visitors to the garden. It depends on the varieties. In spite of all the applications, everyone wants to get rid of the weeds in the garden. The majority of the people try to use the safe weed killers to eradicate these unwanted plants that exist on waterways, garden and in the soil of the backyard. The use of the active chemical fungicides, pesticides and herbicides can cause pollution in the drinking water and the surface of the water. It is the major issue of water contamination.

Natural weed killers for your garden

How to remove the weed?

The safe and secure way to remove the weeds is to pull up the plants and dig it out from the root. Let it dry in the sun and add it to mulch pile and compost. This is a time taking a procedure, but it is an eco-friendly way that helps you to get rid of the weed.

1. Use Natural Herbicides

These are homemade and natural products that are toxic for plants. It does not harm soil of the garden or other living things. It is a substance that is harmful to the plants. These can be harmful if these are used in the high-amount.

2. Soak with Boiling Dihydrogen Monoxide

It is an herbicide that a user can make it home. It is simple to prepare. It is less harmful to human and other living organisms. Bring the dihydrogen monoxide to boil and pour it to the stems and leaves of the weed. It is an effective way to kill weeds in places such as large areas, driveways cracks, and sidewalk. Avoid pouring it on other plants because it can destroy your flowers and other leaves.

natural weed killer

3. Burning Method

Applying the direct heat to the foliage of the weeds can cause weeds to wilt quickly. If you repeat the procedure, then it kills leaves from the roots. You can buy a flame weeder tool to apply heat and flame directly to the weeds. This is the right source to secure all the other plants from the fire. You should use some extra precautions during this procedure because dry grass and other plants catch fire immediately.

4. Soak with Table Salt

Common table salt and sodium chloride is an effective herbicide that helps you to get rid of the weeds from your garden. It is straightforward to make a mixture of water and salt in your home kitchen. You can make the solution and pour it on the plants, which you want to remove. You can spray this solution as well.

If you have weeds in a large amount in your garden, then you need to hire a professional service to remove these plants. To hire a professional weed killer in Australia is not a big deal. You can search these services online because they provide 24/7 support to their customers.

Do you have any natural weed killers that you have tried? Please share them in the comment section below!

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