5 Common Mistakes that Increase Your Energy Bill

Summer is just around the corner, and with that comes soaring energy bills due to overuse of air conditioning and water. Think about how much water you use to keep your gardens lush, fill up kiddie pools, wash all that pollen off your car, and take cool showers to beat the heat. While some of this energy use is unavoidable, you may be making some silly mistakes that are sending your energy bill through the roof. Read on for a couple of common mistakes and how to fix them.

1. Neglecting to fill in all the gaps in your home

Whether it’s old Victorian house windows or a larger space underneath doorways, there are plenty of gaps and holes in your home that could be letting in outside air and increasing the energy bill. Caulk any loose tiles or floorboards to prevent air from escaping and regulate heating and cooling levels in your home. Make sure windows and doors are properly insulated and call a home inspector if you’re not sure if you have any leaks.

2. Ignoring the thermostat

By ignoring the thermostat or overusing it, the constant temperature changes could wreak havoc on your bank account. According to House Method, though it might feel good to blast your AC in the summer, lowering your indoor temperature can lead to extremely high utility bills. Remember to turn the thermostat up while you’re away or on vacation—you don’t need to heat or cool the house when you’re not there, as long as there’s no danger of the pipes freezing or bursting. The recommended temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. You could also invest in a smart thermostat that automatically programs.

3. Sticking to incandescent light bulbs

The soft glow of regular old light bulbs can be comforting, but traditional, incandescent bulbs use way more energy than LEDs. Switching to LED bulbs can save up to 75 percent in energy costs. Nowadays, you can even find LED bulbs that mimic the glow of incandescent bulbs. Be sure to switch out all the bulbs in every room of your home for major savings month over month.

4. Not using your appliances the right way

Do you ever run the dishwasher or put in a load of laundry without making sure the appliance is completely full? Try to avoid this as running partial loads puts a strain on your energy bill. Wait a day or two to run a full load of dishes or clothes. If money allows, invest in an EnergyStar washer or other energy efficient appliances, which can help pay for themselves over time.

5. Forgetting to take care of your air conditioning unit

Dirty air filters can overwork your cooling system, which can cause your HVAC to use more energy in the long run. Not to mention, dirty air filters can diminish the quality of indoor air and circulate allergens and dust throughout your home. Change your air filter every three months or once a season.

Are making any of these mistakes or do you have any suggestions or ideas to help save energy and money? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

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