7 Must-Be-Added Foods High in Magnesium to Enhance your Diet

What does it take to become healthy? The primary answer for this query is food, of course. Despite having so many varieties of foods in the market, why do most of us face difficulty in maintaining a proper body structure and strength?

And, how do you get it when you had some deficiency of a particular supplement? Or, because of some bodily disorder, if you had to lean on a particular food, how to manage and meet these requirements with the help of internet?

We have one common solution for the above problems. Following a potential diet plan to maintain proper health will also help you get rid of the problems that occur due to lack of any supplement in the body.

Let’s go with one of the most significant requirements for the body, i.e. Magnesium.

How to Find Best Sources of Magnesium?

There’s no best magnesium supplement as such. There could be many foods high in magnesium from the best diet charts in the world. But, nowhere we can get a wholesome pack of Magnesium in one food.

We find foods that are rich in nutrients which eventually give those minerals(zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, etc.) along with many perks of nutrition which is a great thing to have because we get the nutrients as a collection without searching for many foods for each vitamin and mineral.

This list of magnesium rich foods is all full of natural resources from plants. They help us get through many nutritional challenges and are often purposeful in avoiding any sudden ailments.

Every food may not contain magnesium in required amounts. This makes even with a proper diet we may not be able to attain proper mineral strength.

List of Magnesium Rich Foods:

1. Nuts

Nuts are the biggest sources of magnesium. We get plenty of it with the consumption of just a portion for a complete day.

This list of nuts that are rich in magnesium will show us the abundance of magnesium mineral in nuts.

Having nuts daily in your breakfast diet will bring up the mineral strength and thus stronger bones and muscle.

NutsMagnesium Content(per 100 grams)
Almond268 mg (68% of Daily Intake)
Brazil Nut376 mg
Cashews292 mg
Pine nuts251 mg
Hazelnuts163 mg
Macadamia130 mg
Mixed nuts229 mg
Pecan nuts121 mg
Dry roasted pecan nuts132 mg
Pistachios121 mg
Chestnuts54 mg
Ginkgo nuts27 mg
Walnuts158 mg

2. Seeds

The next most important food sources of magnesium are seeds. Many vegetable seeds and flower seeds are rich in magnesium which help us in avoiding arthritis and other body inflammations.

Sunflower seeds and flaxseeds give abundant healthy fats with its magnesium content which is helpful for the nourishment of body tissues.

Chia seeds – the most popular superfood out of seed family is also the best magnesium supplement. In addition to magnesium, chia seeds also give enriched amounts of fiber, protein, iron, and the potential antioxidants.

All these minerals and nutrients add up a greater strength to our body’s metabolic cycles and improve the immune strength.
Magnesium is more helpful in improving fertility in men along with the contents of zinc and vitamins. With the consistent intake of sesame seeds and chia seeds, fertility goes up significantly.

3. Grains

Eating “whole grains” is the key factor in having grains in your diet. The whole grains of wheat, rice, legumes, and beans work excellent in preparing the body for greater fitness. They help us in building the muscle and reducing the cholesterol with their effective activity in metabolism.

4. Green leafy vegetables

In the list of magnesium rich foods, spinach and broccoli stand out for their immense vitamin strength. They also activate enzymes with their immense vitamin content. These two are the primary characteristics done by magnesium in green leafy vegetables.

The green leafy veggies also provide good amounts of potassium, vitamins of B-Complex, and other nutrients like selenium.
Broccoli, kale, and few other foods high in magnesium become helpful in protecting the heart from the problems of diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

5. Fruits

There are many sources of magnesium in fruits also. With the list of fruits that are rich in magnesium, we can arrange a whole new diet plan for healthy metabolism.

Bananas are more popular for their abundance and universal acceptability. But from the time I’ve known its nutrition, I named it as “Fighter Fruit.”

The banana provides excellent minerals to the body. Potassium, manganese, phosphorous, iron are the important minerals in banana along with magnesium.

Avocado is another important fruit that tops the magnesium rich foods list. It has huge fibers that enhance the body to control cholesterol. Avocado’s magnesium is useful in bringing up the enzyme activity and also causes healthy digestion with food satiety.

Fruits like berries, orange, apple, guava also provide adequate amounts of magnesium and they are rich in other nourishing supplements as well.

6. Meat

Fats are our pick here. Have a more-fatty fish, you’ll be given with abundant amounts of protein, carbs, and minerals.
Not just as foods high in magnesium, the meat food helps us in building muscle and tissue with great refinement of useless fats(bad cholesterol). Magnesium is useful for activating the digestion and metabolic procession of foods taken in.

7. Other veggies

Go for organic soybeans and edamame. Use them at least once in a week in your dishes. They will add more nutritional strength to your diet.

This is a list made with good sources of magnesium mineral that are aboundant in nature and used widely in all kinds of dishes.


  • Beetroot
  • Okra
  • Artichokes
  • Cucumber
  • Acorn Squash
  • Pumpkin
  • Swiss chard

Special One: Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolate gets you the freshness from the monotony of total conventional foods. It is mentioned at the last in the list for the reason it is one of its kind in dietary space. The nutrition, activity, health benefits, all are similar to what all other foods do. But the major difference appears when we have it and see the effect. Dark chocolate has a specialty of getting identified as a snack or a lovely eatable, but not a medicine.

Have dark chocolate and the other resource foods high in magnesium to combat the ailments in the best natural way, i.e. by eating.

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