How to Save on Gardening?

Gardening can be an expensive hobby for some of us, but you can save a lot of money if you do things smartly. After all, growing some of your own food is an amazing way to save money. If you are planning on starting gardening, then you will need to make some investments. Here are some ways you can save money on organic gardening.

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Top 6 Tips to save money on Organic Gardening:

1. Build your own compost: – Buying compost from the gardening shops can cost you a lot. You can save money on that by making your own compost. Just use the organic waste produced each week. Try and make your own compost using kitchen waste and grass clippings. If you find the compost not broken, then add some water to it, and if it is too wet, then you can use pit or hay.

2. Buy used equipment: – Try to find some used gardening equipment. Go to your gardening store and ask if there are second-hand products available for sale. Also, go to the nearest recycling center and look for used equipment there. Often, you will be able to find yourself equipment at a cheap rate. Sometimes, you can get good stuff for free. Once, I bought a lawnmower for 12 USD only. You can also find used equipment online. Go to eBay or Craigslist and search for gardening tools. You can find pretty good deals there. If you are planning to do it for a lifetime and you want to make it big, then it might be a little expensive. It is suggested that you ask for financial help. Get a loan. If that’s something you want to consider when buying used equipment for your life-time hobby, then check Crediful and find companies that offer loans for people like you.

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3. Choose the correct plants and products: – Make sure you choose the correct vegetables and products to produce. Try to harvest the vegetables which you can store in the freezer. Basically, use the ones which will last for a longer period of time. You should also try to produce the vegetables which will give you a better return. Harvest the ones which are expensive in the market. Like Potato, tomato, spinach, broccoli, peppers, onions, carrots, etc.

4. Make your own pots: – Buying pots and trays for starting seeds can be expensive. You can cut down that cost by making your own pots using newspaper. Newspaper pots will be biodegradable and free of cost, so make sure you use newspaper for the pots instead of buying the wooden ones.

5. Plant herbs: – Planting herbs can give you a high return on investment. The average cost of a small packet of herbs is about 1.5 USD which can provide you with leaves for almost an entire season, and a packet of herbs at the grocery store will cost you about 3 USD. Thus, you can clearly realize how much money you can save by harvesting your own herbs. Figure out which herbs you use on a frequent basis. You can harvest herbs which can be used in the kitchen such as; oregano, rosemary, etc., or you can harvest herbs for other household purposes such as lavender or verbena for air fresheners.

6. Make your own DIY weed killer: – Instead of spending money on buying weed killer, you can make them yourself. Get some 1 gallon white distilled vinegar, 2 tbsp salt, and 1 ounce eco-friendly dishwashing liquid (to make sure it sticks to the leaves) and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it on the plants and reapply on any new growth till it dies.


There you go. These are the top 6 tips by which you can save money on gardening. Remember that organic gardening can be expensive to start, but if you are smart enough, then you can get a good return on that investment. Use these tips and surely you will be able to save a lot and you will have the ensurance that your food is organic and healthy with no chemicals. Isn’t your family worth it?  Good luck!

Do you have your own garden or do have any tips or ideas to share on saving money by gardening?

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