Some Important Facts and Myths of Weight Loss!

myths and fact about losing weight

“Honestly, there’s very little science supporting the perilous myth that you have to “eat less to lose weight!” 

Consider this: Research conducted by the National Institute of Health studied nearly 49,000 women over an 8 year period. One group of women consumed an average of 120 fewer calories on a daily basis. That adds up to 350,400 fewer calories overall. You would think after 8 years, those women would have been a lot thinner. You would be WRONG!

By the end of the study, the women eating fewer calories were less than a pound lighter than when they started. That is not a typo. Eating 350,400 fewer calories had less than 1 percent of the impact expected, based on the conventional calorie myth.

Oh, and by the way, STARVING yourself is NEVER a good idea when it comes down to your long-term health?

Standard diet thinking is based on the hypothesis that consuming fewer calories causes your body to burn fat. Scientists have found this to be false-now it’s time you learned the truth.

myths and facts about losing weight


Continue reading and you’ll discover that restricting the total number of calories you consume leads to just one outcome…
  • Complete weight-loss failure for a minimum of 19 out of 20 people! (An undeniable failure rate of 95.4 %.) That’s the proven, documented rate of failure when it comes to conventional dieting… 95.4%! When you thought you failed when trying to lose weight, it wasn’t your fault-even though you might have thought it was.


  • When you eat less food, your body doesn’t naturally begin to burn more body fat. It automatically begins burning fewer calories by slowing down your metabolism. That’s a very bad concept and the reason why you’re always feeling tired, cold, and cranky each time you start a new diet. Your entire body and your brain have slowed down. But wait, it gets even worse.


  • Once your body starts demanding more calories, but can’t find any, you have no option but to start burning muscle–NOT fat. Studies have proven that up to 70% of the non-water weight lost when you eat less is being taken directly from your muscles. That’s definitely not good for your body or your health.


Is your goal to be heavier and suffering from poor health in the long run? Do you really want to slow down your metabolism and lose muscle?
Here’s proof!

In a groundbreaking research article, an M.D.A in the American Medical Association wrote; “eating less makes us lose weight, not by selective reduction of adipose deposits (body fat), but by wasting of all body tissues; therefore, any success obtained must be maintained by ongoing undernourishment.”

So if starving yourself is an awful way to lose weight, then eating MORE quality “SANE” food has to be the real answer to losing weight? Absolutely! This is not a theory! It’s a scientific fact that’s supported by cutting-edge research from the brightest medical minds on the planet.

Here are a few facts to consider:

  • A study conducted at the University of Connecticut found that people who ate 300 additional calories per day actually burned more body fat.
  • A University of Pennsylvania study discovered that people who consumed 9,500 additional calories over a 6 month period lost 200% more weight.
  • An additional study, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, found that people eating 65,000 more calories over a 4 month period lost 141% more weight.

Click the link below to reserve a date and time that fits into your busy schedule so you don’t miss this healthy opportunity. I’m confident that understanding the scientific facts leading to true and long-term weight loss, will change your entire life for the better.

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