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"Health Risks Of Excitotoxins"

“The Ugly Truth About Excitotoxins!”

Excitotoxins! what the heck are they? Answer – MSG, aspartame, food additives that are in many processed foods and are not natural ingredients. The ugly truth about excitotoxins is they are a dangerous substance that have many health risks and should be avoided.   They are substances that cause brain neurons to become excited, firing impulses so …

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sugar free healthy chocolate fruit bars

“Chocolate Lover’s Alert – Healthy And Sugar Free Fruit Bars!”

I wanted to share with you a tasty, healthy, organic, sugar-free recipe that is easy to make and absolutely delicious and my story on how I came up with this recipe. If you know anything about me you know that I believe passionately in living green and healthy in all aspects of life. Eating healthy …

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"Natural Immune Boosting"

“Naturally Nourish And Enhance Your Immune System!”

Your immune system is the backbone to good health. It is vitally important that  you protect your body from foreign invaders and to have the proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise. You need a good defense system that is healthy and balanced with the proper food and ammunition. Naturally nourishing and enhancing your immune system is …

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