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“6 Tips for Building a Green Garden!”

Going green in every room of your house is important, but have you stopped to look out the window? Cultivating an environmentally friendly garden is another step towards living sustainably, and there are easy ways to turn your front and backyard into lush paradises without wasting precious resources or racking up your water bills. Consider …

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Natural pesst control

Manage Your Organic Garden Pests The Natural Way

Organic gardening is the healthiest way to garden for our health and the health of the planet. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides,  fertilizers, or any synthetic products are used on the plants or in the soil. It is good for the health of our environment because we are using natural resources mainly from Nature to replenish …

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How to Keep Your Garden Pest-Free

Have you ever been attacked by snails or aphids? Whether you believe it or not, even the smallest pests like them can cause the most devastation in a garden. Although they are inevitable, this doesn’t mean that you should use harmful chemicals just to get rid of them. Here are some proven and tested techniques …

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