Top 7 Tips to Prevent Fungal Nail Infections


Preventing toenail fungus


Nail fungal infections are most often found in toenails and other fingers of the foot. This is due to the fact that fungi, aside from being present almost everywhere around us, are most likely to thrive in dark and moist places – like you know, inside your shoes. This makes toenail fungal infection easy to acquire.

Infections in the nails are often cause by dermatophytes, a kind of microscopic organisms that feeds on keratin (a kind of protein found in our nails and hair). This kind of fungus can make one’s nails hard, brittle and discolored. Treatment for this kind of infection is usually difficult since these organisms may be resistant to treatment. As what the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. So here are the top seven healthy tips on how to prevent toenail fungal infection.

7 Tips & Natural Healthy Remedies to Prevent Toenail Fungal Infection:

1. Use Natural Anti fungal Foot Powder or Spray and other Natural methods

One of the most effective ways to prevent fungi from invading your feet is the frequent use of natural anti fungal power or spray or try rubbing coconut oil regularly on your feet and around toes and toe nails and let dry naturally. Sprinkle natural anti fungal powder or just plain baking soda inside your socks, shoes, and your feet as well to prevent the growth of fungi spores.  Using a little tea tree oil, orange oil can be extremely beneficial in preventing and treating fungal infections too.  Make sure your toes have enough room inside your shoes to wiggle, giving your feet some air to prevent from sweating. Always remember that a sweaty feet is a good breeding ground for fungi.

2. Clip your toenails correctly & Dry Feet Properly

Always keep your nails trimmed. And make sure you properly sanitized your nail scissors or clippers. Try to avoid cutting the skin around your nails as this makes your skin vulnerable to germs and bacteria. If you already have an infection, use a different nail clipper on the infected nail to prevent the infection from spreading.

3. Cover the Feet in Public Places

Fungi often plague public areas like the locker rooms, public pools and showers. Never go barefoot in such areas. Wear sandals or flip-flops when you need to go to such places.

4. Beware of Cross-Contamination

If you are already suffering from a toenail infection, try your best not to cross-contaminate another. Aside from using a different nail clipper, always disinfect regularly. Disinfect your shower and home with  DIY antibacterial spray  and spray your shoes thoroughly, wash your socks in hot water with and vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or tea tree oil to kill any fungi. All of these are important steps to avoid contaminating other nails.

5. Eat Well to Maintain a Healthy Immune System

The best way to fight off a fungal infection is to stay healthy. A strong immune system correlates to a strong guard against infections. So try to always eat healthy and/or organic whenever possible. It’ll not only fight infections but will keep on track to live a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to boost your immune system the healthy natural way and start your day with healthy probiotics which will help keep you on the road to optimal health!

6. Choose a Reputable Manicurist and Pedicurist

Get your nails done on reputable salons. Manicure and pedicure are two beauty procedures that actually spread infection on nails. Make sure that the salon you’re going to are properly sanitizing their tools on a regular basis. You may also carry your own tools for manicure and pedicure and make sure you sterilize them yourself.

7. Wear right kind of socks & Wash your hands after touching infected nails

Part of preventing toenail fungus infection is to always practice proper hygiene. Choose socks that absorb sweat. Wool, nylon and polyprolene are the kinds of fabrics that take away moisture on your feet. Always change socks often. Keeping in mind that nail fungus can transfer from nail to nail, never forget to wash your hands after touching an infected one.

Follow these seven healthy tips to avoid getting a fungal infection and to keep your toenails healthy and happy. In case you already have one, take proper precautions, use some of the suggested ideas mentioned above and if necessary schedule an appointment with your health care provider to get it treated immediately and to prevent it from getting worse.


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