6 Best Cottage Cheese Brands to Pair with Wine

Wine and cheese pairing brings a symphony of flavors and textures to the table. Cheese brings balance to the menu while enriching its taste. Meanwhile, wine ensures a sharp and flavored ending to the meals. There are so many reasons why you should par these two for healthy eating. You might already be looking for the best and healthiest cottage cheese brands that are readily available. So read on to learn why!

Cheese and wine specialists have requirements that some products meet while others don’t. Therefore, the below list includes all the traits that the best cottage cheese – wine pairing should have. The 6 brands are chosen by ingredients, production process, producer reputation and customer reviews. But before discovering the best cheeses for wine, let’s see the best wines to pair with cheese.

  • Semi-hard, matured cheddar cheese works best with buttery white wines. You can try Chardonnay.


  • Mild and flavored creamy cheddar cheese pairs with light-bodied red wines such as Pinot Noir.

cottage cheese healthy eating


The best cottage cheese for wine pairing has an impressive content of 1% fat and is even suitable for those who develop intolerance to dairy products. Instead of lactose, this cottage cheese contains lactase enzyme with is absent from regular cheese products. The cheese is also gluten free and easy to digest. You can read here more health details about this versatile cheese.

You don’t need to be lactose intolerant to enjoy this cheese. It has a creamy and smooth taste which makes it versatile and even suitable for fresh consumption. You can use the cheese on pasta, in salads or as a delicious breakfast for you and your family.

cottage cheese healthy eating


Breakstone’s is not just one of our favorite brand. It’s also among the top 3 brands of cottage cheese that Americans most consume. You can choose between fresh doubles with fruit and a delightful creamy and smooth cottage cheese.

The best cottage cheese made by Breakstone’s contains whole milk and a rich balance of sweet and sour taste. This cheese naturally contains calcium and has uniform curds which make it versatile. You can use this cheese to experiment with delicious baked meals.

cottage cheese healthy eating


The best cottage cheese brands have a balanced fat content which make pairing with wine even more delightful. The most famous Daisy product is a 4% cottage cheese with a very creamy and rich texture. The cheese is organic, and even works as a replacement for ricotta in your recipes.

While some customers enjoy the tasty sauce of this cheese, others say it might be too salty. However, many agree that it has an optimal taste – ingredients balance, for an affordable price.


The Friendship product catalog includes a 1% fat product which might be the best cottage cheese for your meal with wine. The cheese is creamy and rich, with an excellent salt balance. You can add it to pasta or other recipes for a rich dinner.

Friendship cottage cheeses are all natural and include vitamin A. The cheese is also suitable as part of a delicious and healthy salad sauce.

cottage cheese


The Knudsen brothers pledge to use the finest milk to their products and keep their farm freshness as much as possible. The cottage cheese is low-fat (only 4% content) and contains less than 2% modified food starch. You can also find vitamins A, C, and D, together with Calcium and Iron in these products.

This family business’s portfolio is available in stores rather than in online shops. You might also notice cheese mixes with fruit. However, the plain low-fat cottage cheese comes to your table as a delightful addition.

organic cottage cheese healthy eating

Horizon Organic

The Horizon Organic cheese stands out because it takes part in the National Organic Program which prohibits the use of GMOs in food products. Therefore, it contains no antibiotics, growth hormones or pesticides. The cheese has a rich taste due to its organic ingredients and contains 15% dose of calcium per serving.

Customers say that both adults and children enjoy the taste of this cheese. Some vegetarians have added it to their diet as it has a high protein content.

The Best Cottage Cheese and Wine Pairings

The best cottage cheese and wine pairing works whenever you integrate the cheese in a cooked or baked meal, or you add it to a salad. You can additionally experiment with other wine varieties and integrate cheese into more recipes. In the end, you will have a rich taste which is successfully completed by a tasty wine.

Cottage cheese is an excellent natural choice which is available on many websites, in supermarkets and even some shops around the corner. For additional information and potential allergies, please consult the ingredients list and producer disclaimers, if necessary. Discover your favorite cottage cheese and plan a complete dinner accompanied by a glass of wine!

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