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sustainable wood flooring

An Eco-Friendly Hardwood Floor That You Can Install Yourself (Even Over Concrete)

Are you looking for a floor that matches your green, earth-friendly lifestyle? Laying down a new hardwood floor is one of the most significant remodeling choices you can make. It has consequences for both the home’s value and the immediate environment. 

Organic vineyard

Three Tips to Rebuild Your Vineyard after Organic Certification

Shifting your vineyard’s growth from traditional processes to organic ones requires a complete change in thinking as well as a reconsideration of your vineyard equipment and supply needs. While organic certification agencies claim that your vineyard will return to its pre-organic yield within three years, various growers have found that seven years is a more …

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how to be energy efficient

The Future Of Deathcare: Why Human Composting Could Be The Norm

The tradition of laying your loved ones to rest in a coffin to be buried in a cemetery could come to an end. Whether driven by eco-conscious consumers, the rising costs of traditional funerals, or other factors, human composting is emerging as a promising choice for the mainstream.

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