Lemons & Limes and Their Health Benefits

Today my friends I would like to discuss something that might make you pucker your lips and that is lemons and limes. I am going to teach you some useful health tips that will be quite easy for you to incorporate into your routine. While both are available throughout the year, lemons are in the peak of their season around May, June and August while limes are at their peak from May through October.  So sit back and relax while you learn some useful facts about lemons and limes.

Lemons have a refreshing sour acidity taste, but when you eat it they have an alkaline effect in the stomach.  The yellow outer peel contains limonene.

What is Limonene?  The technical definition is a colorless liquid hydrocarbon classified as a cyclic terpene. The more common D isomer possesses a strong smell of oranges. It is used in chemical synthesis as a precursor to carvone and as a renewably-based solvent in cleaning products. Contains  essential oil that is mainly limonene.  Limonene have anti-cancer agents effects and help increase the level of enzymes that detoxify carcinogens.

Limes is a small round green citrus fruit.  Most limes are sourish and have an acidic taste, but when consumed is actually alkaline.

A really refreshing treat to try with organic lemon or lime juice is take the juice and make ice cubes out of it. When you have a glass of water, ice tea. or your favorite drink add a few of the ice cubes, you not only add zest but the drink will be much healthier. Lime and lemon add refreshing zest to almost any drink which help to cleanse and enhance immune properties of any juice.

Most of these suggestion should be used first thing in the morning about 1 hour before breakfast and used with warm fluoride free water or spring water. It’s better to use an organic lemon-lime squeezer to get maximum juice with minimum seeds and effort.

The nutritional benefits of limes and lemons are much the same. They both have excellent sources of Vitamin C, B6, potassium, folic acid, flavonoids, calcium, magnesium, those great phytochemical, and limonene.

Lemons and Limes – Natural Remedy and Health Benefits:


1. Lemons and limes are high in potassium. Potassium is an important mineral that works with sodium for smooth electrical transmission in the brain and nervous system. Depression, anxiety, fogginess, and forgetfulness can often be traced to low potassium blood levels. That same nervous system needs potassium to assure steady signals to the heart. So your heart health is improved from the lemon water’s potassium.

2. The Calcium and magnesium are plentiful in good ratio to each other in lemon and lime water. Magnesium is important for heart health and calcium prevents rickets.

3. Try some warm lemon water–According to A.F. Beddoe, author of Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition, helps the liver produces more enzymes from lemon and lime water than any other food. Lemons and limes helps to detoxify the body by stimulating, purifying the liver, and liquefies bile while ceasing excess bile flow. It’s atomic composition is similar to saliva and the hydrochloric acid of digestive juices. The lemon-lime water helps bowels eliminate naturally and easily and will relieve bloating and belching.

4.  Lemons and limes both contain phytochemicals that are high in anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties. They also potent detoxifiers with antibiotic effect that is protective against bacterial poisoning.

5.  To help with constipation drink a glass of warm water first thing every morning with lemon or lime.  You can also add some raw honey and add a pinch of organic cinnamon powder. The cinnamon will help your body detoxify.

6. Lemon and lime water can help lower blood pressure.

7Will help to relieve heartburn. Just add 2 teaspoons of organic concentrated lime or lemon juice to a warm glass.

8.  Soak you feet in very hot warm lemon and lime water and feel the cooling astringent feeling plus this will help you sleep better due to the relaxing action on the foot nerves.

9.  Helps dilute uric acid in your tissues and very alkalizing. It is highly effective in treating any inflammatory condition such as arthritis, gout, rheumatism, or even sciatica.

10. Lemon & Lime has anti-viral properties that helps fight infections such as the common cold and reduces phlegm. Before bedtime drink a glassful of hot water with the juice of 1 lemon or lime or both. For extra benefits add raw honey.

The warm lemon and lime water daily habit is as inexpensive and easy as it gets to help you improve and maintain your health. Both lemons and limes can be used in some many ways, such as adding on your food to add a zesty taste or just sucking on them raw for to add a refreshing zap.  Although, lemons and limes are a natural remedies and can be very beneficial please use caution and do in moderation.  Please remember to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction, especially if you have citrus allergies. You might want to check with your doctor or health-care provider before trying any of these natural  remedies.

If you add one of the above health suggestion for lemon or lime into your diet or routine we have come one step closer to our goal of  “Going Green”

Quote of the Day:  Above all to thine own self be true! – William Shakespeare

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