11 Simple Steps to Encourage Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

World Environment Day is a reminder for all of us to consider various eco-friendly steps to make our environment clean and green always. As we all are aware of the fact that climate is rapidly changing due to global warming, therefore, we should think of some effective measure to curb the problem and learn how to be energy efficient.

You may be thinking that how a single person can bring a huge revolution, but if everyone changes this thought process, a significant change would be observed around the world.

In this article, we will discuss a few simple environmentally friendly steps that should be followed by everyone:

1. Avoid Using Non-recyclable Grocery Bags

Say no to plastic bags and switch over to biodegradable grocery bags when you are going for shopping. These bags are not just environment-friendly but you can use them again and again. Moreover, they can carry more items than plastic bags.

2. Recycle As More As Possible

The recycling process can really help us in maintaining a green environment. This process is not only good for the environment but also help in saving our resources. You should recycle as many items as possible, such as plastic, glass, and paper. Stop tossing this material into dustbins. Recycling technique help in rubbish removal without affecting the climate.

3. Start Using Reusable Water Bottles

Do not use plastic water bottles because there is not a single reason for using them. Purchase reusable water bottles as they are environment-friendly and also keep your water colder for a long time. Moreover, they are cost-efficient!

4. Remove The Plug Of Electronic Appliances

When your work is completed, remove the plug of electronic appliances even if you aren’t using them. Some electronic gadgets consume power if they are turned off but plugged in. Save energy and immediately unplug your electronic devices after their use.

5. Eat Vegetables

According to some survey’s, it has been revealed that cutting out meat and dairy from your diet can significantly decrease your carbon footprint. Therefore, you should start eating more vegetables and fruits. Set your target to go meat-free at least once a week.

6. Use Carpool If Possible

Increasing traffic on the road is one of the biggest reasons for increasing global warming gases in the air. Carpool is a good option to reduce your carbon footprint. Whenever it is possible to hitch a ride with someone or give them a ride yourself. It not only help you in saving your earth but also reduce your expenditure on traveling.

7. Switch To Paperless Option

With the evolution in technology, you can submit your all bills online. Therefore, if you do not really want handheld statements to file away then go paperless. Get your bill statement by emails. It will reduce paper consumption and it’s actually a convenient way to deposit your bills.

8. Save Water by Changing Showerhead

By switching your showerhead and opting low-flow based shower can significantly reduce the usage of water. It may require some initial investment but it will pay off later by reducing water bills and saving the Earth. Try to take shorter shower baths!

9. Prefer Walk Or Bike

Do you know that biking instead of driving can reduce 90% of carbon footprints? Therefore, if possible then you should go on foot or use your bike. It will not only save the earth but also save your money. Moreover, walking is good for your health too.

10. Don’t Waste Your Food

Food waste is one of the biggest issues when we talk about various reasons behind disturbing the ecological balance. Don’t throw your leftover in the dustbin, store it in the refrigerator and eat it for a meal the next day. Cooking food more than requirement emits greenhouse gases. Therefore, don’t waste your food, it will save money and protect your environment.

What steps do you take to life in your everyday life to be energy-efficient and an live an eco-friendly lifestyle? Please share your tips and ideas below in the comment section.



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7 thoughts on “11 Simple Steps To Encourage Eco-Friendly Lifestyle”

  1. Karen Reekie

    We try and do a fair few of these. Some of them are very easy, and everyone can and should!

    #goinggreen for July

    1. Hi Karen,
      Glad to hear that you are taking positive steps to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Such great tips – driving is my weak point although it is mostly getting my teenage boys to and from school and sports – not that I am wishing them to leave home but I’ll be driving a lot less when they do go! A lovely post to add to #GoingGreen – thank you.

    1. Hi Rosie,
      I am so glad you found my tips helpful. Thanks so much for hosting the #GoingGreen Linky party and for all the hard work it takes. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day.

  3. Great tips. I always walk if I can – I hate driving. And since renting a house with a power shower whilst relocating I can vouch for the fact they use way more water than the water saving shower we had in our own home. We shower less often to make up for it.

    1. Glad to hear all that you are doing to live eco-friendly. We can make a difference if we all do our part and make small changes. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

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