Organic Farming Helps Control Global Warming & Environment

Today my friends, I am going to continue discussing Organic Facts and the importance to our health and environment. I want to give you some important facts that just might help you decide the best choice for you and your family’s health.

1. Did you know?  Organic foods and products  help to preserve the environment. Organic agriculture is also climate-friendly and helps to reverse global warming . The growing concern  about Greenhouse gas pollution in North America, 35 to 50% can be attributed to chemical and energy intensive food and agricultural in North America. (CO2, methane and nitrous oxide).

2. Did you know? Organic agriculture, farming, and ranches actually use much less fossil fuel and can safely confine 7,000 pounds of CO2 per acre in the soil yearly.

“Organic agriculture can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by effectively locking more carbon into the soil than releasing it into the atmosphere,” found “Farming Systems Trial,” a 15-year study conducted by the Rodale Institute of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Organic agriculture even uses 50% less energy than conventional farming.

3. Did you know? That 24 Billion pounds of chemical fertilizers applied on non-organic farms in the U.S. yearly pollute our drinking water and create huge dead zones in the oceans.  They also release enormous amounts of a potent greenhouse gas called nitrous oxide, that is considered climate-destabilizing. 

4. Did you know?  Organic food certification prohibits nuclear irradiation. Non-organic  foods are exposed to nuclear waste or electron beams (irradiation). This destroys essential  vitamins and nutrient, but even worse is it also produces cancer-causing chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde.

5. Did you know? That the USDA and some large meat companies have promoted irradiated meat in school lunches and senior citizen facilities.

6. Did you know? Many non-organic spices contain irradiated ingredients.

7. Did you know? Organic farming prohibits sewage sludge that is dumped on 140,000 non-organic chemical farms as fertilizer. This is municipal sewage that has been scientifically proven as dangerous pathogens, toxic heavy metals, flame retardants, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, pharmaceutical drugs, and numerous other harmful chemicals. These hazardous chemicals are from storm run off, residential drains, industrial plants, and hospitals.

8. Did you know? Ever heard of human mad-cow disease, which is called CJD, the symptoms are very similar to Alzheimer’s?  This disease is caused by slaughterhouse waste, manure, and blood that is ground up and feed back to other animals daily on Americans factory farms . Organic farms animals are not fed slaughterhouse waste.

9. Did you know? Organic farming prohibits inhumane treatment of farm animals, where factory farming practices intensive confinement and mutilation of animals such as cutting off tails and debeaking.

10. Did you know? Scientist has warned that Confined Animal Feeding Operations, practiced by factory farming produce huge volumes of manure and urine. This produces and emits large quantities of methane which is a climate-destabilizing greenhouse gas and pollutes our surface and ground

11. Did you Know?  Many studies have confirmed that small organic farms in the developed world produce twice as much food per acre via the factory farms that contaminate our soil, water, affect climate changes, and have inhuman practices. Organic farms far out produce chemical farms in extreme weather conditions such as droughts or torrential rains.

12. Did you know? That the only small farms that have a chance to make a decent living and survive is organic farms.

 Now that I have provided you with many reasons to go ORGANIC —I hope will you take a closer look at the what you are purchasing when you are shopping. We all want what is best for our families so that we can all enjoy life to the fullest. I am sure that you will agree that humane treatment should be followed for all animals and the only way to insure that is by Organic Farming regulations. We also need to consider the fact of preserving our Environment and remember that this world was given to us as a gift from God to live and thrive on. If you change just a few of the products you purchase to Organic then we have taken one more step to our goal of “Going Green” to “Save Our Planet Earth!”

Quote for the Day:  Fields have eies and woods have eares! ~ John Heywood


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