12 More Natural Remedies for Diabetes!

"Natural Alternative Remedies for Diabetes"

Today my friends, as I promised I will give you some more natural remedies that can help control diabetes. So set back and relax and hopefully you will learn some useful information.

Natural Remedies for Diabetes:

1. Acai Juice:   It is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. and contains omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, which are associated with heart health. Given the rapid cellular deterioration associated with diabetes, anything that helps to counteract the effects of aging or heart disease may be helpful to a diabetic. Acai also contains a range of trace elements which are helpful in maintaining muscle health. It is also known to help lower cholesterol. The complete effect on blood sugar is not totally known with this berry, so I would suggest  frequent monitoring of your blood sugar.

2. Alfala:  We usually think of alfala as feed for our cattle, but because it is high in essentialnutrients, has been connected with improved metabolism, and lowering of blood sugar in preliminary studies. Alfala has a wide rang of nutrients which can be useful with diabetes when malabsorption occurs as the disease progresses

3. Prickly Pear or Nopal: It has a long history of use for diabetes. It is recorded as being used as early as the 15th and 16th centuries for this purpose. Prickly pear has many of the same properties as Aloe Vera and works in a similar way. Some studies do show compelling evidence that it does lower blood sugar levels when consumed with a meal.  It is theorized though that the effects may be similar to those of psyllium, and may have to do with the type of fiber that prickly pear has in the pads. Most of the available information suggests that it should be consumed as a vegetable in large quantities.

4. Bitter Melon: A study that appeared in this month’s online issue of Chemistry and Biology, has isolated four compounds in bitter melon that activate an enzyme that is responsible for regulating metabolism and transporting glucose from the blood into the cells.

5. Blueberry Leaf Tea: The leaves of the blueberry plant have been found out to have hypoglycemic properties beneficial to diabetics. Several cups of the blueberry leaves is enough to bring down blood sugar levels to normal. The leaves are first soaked in cold water, and then boiled for 5-10 minutes and can be taken at least a few times a day for three months to be able to see a visible and significant change in blood sugar levels. The anthcyanic acid present in blueberry leaves is the ingredient thought to be the main ingredient in the metabolism of carbohydrates. You may also take in anthcyanic acid in capsule forms.

6. Acupuncture: This natural cure for diabetes is frequently employed by people who are treating nerve damage caused by diabetes, known as neuropathy. Acupuncture is done by using extremely thin needles inserted in specific parts of the skin. It is believed that acupuncture causes the body to release its natural painkillers, resulting in healing properties.

7. Biofeedback: This method of natural treatment for diabetes focuses on relaxation and stress reduction. However, in studies at Duke University, there have conflicted results on diabetes and biofeedback. In one study, people who practiced relaxation techniques lowered their blood sugar. However, over time, both the control group and the experimental subjects showed improvement during the study.

8. Guided Imagery: This works similarly to biofeedback, but encourages people to de-stress by picturing peaceful mental images. High stress levels can cause spikes in blood sugar, and guided imagery is known to reduce stress levels, thus lowering blood glucose.

9. Hydrotherapy:  A group of diabetics were asked to spend 30 minutes a day relaxing in the tub, it was found that their blood sugar levels dropped significantly.

10. Detoxification: This natural cure for diabetes maintains that when you fast for short periods of time, your body removes excess toxins easier and lowers blood sugar levels naturally. There are a variety of herbal supplements available to aid with this process as well.  ( Native Remedies Detox Drops)

11. Mud Therapy: For many years, mud baths have been used to prevent and treat a multitude of  diseases. It is thought that the mud draws the diabetes, releasing toxins from the body.

12. Massage:  This natural treatment for diabetes is said to stimulate the body’s system and organs that are needed to effectively control diabetes and massage helps with relaxation. Therefore, reducing stress levels and lowering blood glucose.

You should always check with your healthcare provider before trying any supplements or treatments and please never stop taking prescribed medications without first consulting with your healthcare provider.

If you have diabetes or at high risk for diabetes I hope some of these natural remedies that I have provided will help you on your way to achieving control and you will be able to live a normal lifestyle. Being healthy takes a lot of hard work and sometimes making many changes in your life. You need to work at it every day. Exercising and eating properly which includes eating organic and local harvest foods when possible.

Live a “green life” a you will reap the rewards of good health & help to “Save Our Planet Earth!”

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