15 Tricks and Tips to Make Your Small Garden Area Look Bigger

City-dwellers all wish we could spend more time in nature, but it isn’t always easy. All the hard work you put into finding organic, ethically-produced food and preparing it in the most natural ways possible is good for the body and soul, but it can still leave you yearning for something we’ve lost: the great outdoors!

Whether it’s an afternoon in the garden or an hour reading on the balcony, there’s nothing quite like being outdoors on your own property. But if you have a cramped space, the feeling isn’t quite the same. You can see the sky, but the walls and fences feel like they’re closing in on you. Man-made structures win again.

But the flipside of the human need to build is that we’ve figured out some pretty smart ways to make the most of what we’ve got. And that includes using tips and hacks to make your outdoor spaces look bigger. It’s actually pretty amazing what you can achieve.

And you can work with nature on this one. For example, did you know that putting tall plants in the corners of your garden or conservatory will make the space look bigger? That’s because they draw your eye to the edges of the space, and up towards the sky. You can arrange the other pot plants in your garden to play tricks with perspective, too. Put bigger plants in the foreground and smaller ones in the background, and your unconscious mind will look at it and think: wow, those background plants must be really far away!

You can also use climbers to cover up your fences and walls. Pale, bright-colored vines or moss will disguise the fact that there is a wall there in the first place, and just make it look like a natural bit of jungle. Again, of course you know there’s a wall there and that’s where the garden ends, but when you sit outside to read a book or play with the kids, your unconscious mind enjoys the apparently larger space. You give even grow your some of your own food in container gardens on your balcony by utilizing your space wisely.

Natural-looking furniture also helps. Green chairs that match the background will feel less intrusive in that small space. Wicker chairs that let the light through look less of an imposition, and keep the area bright. Keep them a couple of inches from the wall to add a greater sense of distance.

There are other, less natural approaches you can take which won’t leave you feeling like you’ve compromised the environment. A mirror on your balcony, for example, adds light and the impression that your space stretches further than it truly does. High wooden shelves draw the attention up and away from the confined floor area of the balcony. And hey presto! You have space for more plants!

The folks at On Stride have got your back on this one: they’ve created a fabulous new infographic detailing all the steps you can take to trick your inner mind into seeing your outdoor space as a roomy and expansive place to enjoy.

Time to start thinking big?

Infographic ways to make tiny spaces look bigger

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