3 Ways to Get Rid of Roaches

Cockroaches are known to be a nuisance all over the world as they cause all types of troubles in a business and in the home. The moment a cockroach invades, it brings up an imagery of poor hygiene and dirt which does nothing but create a negative image about the home or business.

Roaches are rumoured to be extremely hardy insects and they are able to rapidly increase their numbers by breeding and are able to survive by feeding on just about any food. They have been even known to become cannibalistic when the occasion calls for it. This strong survival instinct makes it necessary to consult professional help in successfully combating an infestation of cockroaches.

Roaches - Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Roaches


Getting rid of cockroaches

Just as stated above, the very hardy nature of roaches make them extremely hard to manage. Nevertheless, the most prudent and best home remedies to kill roaches via prevention. Reducing the probability of cockroaches invading your home or business helps to actively save both money and time.

How to prevent cockroaches

Cockroaches can be stopped successfully if a few simple steps are taken. In terms of pest control and prevention, simple and logical things like ensuring windows and doors are shut can make a massive difference.

1. Eradicate all food sources

Cockroaches are great scavengers. Cockroaches depend heavily on humans for the food we leave behind in urban environments. Roaches have a similar diet to that of humans, which typically comprise of carbohydrates, protein and sugar. The best method in preventing an infestation of cockroaches is to ensure there are no uncovered or improperly stored potential food sources around the house or business.

This can seamlessly done by:
Getting rid of liquids:
  • Just like rodents, roaches are able to last one to two weeks without water, if they consume food that has a high moisture content, as water is still an important part of any animal’s diet. Getting rid of standing water from sinks and buckets can aid in preventing an infestation of cockroaches searching for water.
  • It is also imperative to note that cockroaches are enticed by moisture and prefer to reside in places that are damp. Eradicating any standing liquid placed anywhere in the house can make that house even less appealing to roaches.
Remove standing food:
  • Without a doubt cockroaches are great scavengers, so it is best to remove and properly dispose or store leftover food placed on kitchen counters, desks and tables in a bid to lower the chances of being visited by cockroaches.
Store food away:
  • An important sense cockroaches use in locating a house or a business is smell. One of the numerous ways to reduce how inviting a home smells is to store foods like pet food and cereals in sealable airtight containers.
Plastics, bottles, and cans:
  • Residue in bottles, plastics and cans can also be extremely inviting to cockroaches. While these items have been carefully put away for recycling or in a bin, roaches typically search for more food sources and the next logical place is usually the home. A smart prevention hint is to ensure these contained have been thoroughly rinsed before they are disposed.
Empty bins regularly:
  • Rubbish bins are prime realty for cockroaches. This is because they provide a vast array of varying foods cockroaches consume. It is important to regularly empty the bins out to prevent cockroaches from invading your property, with the preferred frequency beings every day. While all these necessary steps can be taken to limit or remove any food sources for roaches, they are not bound to get rid of every single roach. This is down to the fact that roaches, as scavengers, are able to consume other types of food which sometimes seem strange to humans. Research has proved that roaches sometimes consume glue, paper or even become cannibalistic when regular food sources become extremely scarce.

keep your house clean to prevent roaches

2. Clean

Just as other types of pest control and prevention, a great way amongst others to lower the risk of generating a roach problem is to ensure the house is clean. It is important that work surfaces are free of food debris and all spillage and waste that could entice roaches are cleared up. Cockroaches are typically more active at night so putting away pet drink, food or litter boxes is another great method.

In terms of workplaces and offices, it is best to ensure the office is as clean as possible by possibly limiting food consumption at desks. This helps to prevent roaches from invading workspaces and desks.

3. Professional cockroach treatment

Apart from using any of the cockroach prevention tips above, the absolute best method to eradicate cockroaches is to enlist the help of a professional natural and eco-friendly pest management and control company to help provide expert services, advice and solutions.

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