3 Ways to ‘Green Up’ Your Everyday Household Routines!

As an eco-conscious friend of Mother Earth, you do your part to protect the environment by recycling, buying organic and keeping a close eye on your energy consumption. But you may be surprised to find out you could be doing more. Here are a few things you can do to “green up” your everyday household routines.

1. Buy Eco-Friendly Household Products

Do you keep the environment in mind when shopping for household cleaning products? Not only can the chemicals and cleaning agents in some of today’s most popular household products pose a danger to the environment, but they can also harm you and your family.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has taken action to reduce the amount of chemicals used in everyday home cleaning products with its Safer Choice labeling program. Currently, more than 2,000 products feature the label, including products from Clorox, Safeway brands, Bissell and more.

Try some making you own DIY homemade cleaners with 9 basic ingredients to clean your home naturally.

2. Properly Maintain Your Vehicle

Cars are a major polluter. But there are a few simple things you can do to green up your car to make it more efficient and less toxic to the environment. First, check your oil. Regularly changing your motor oil can ensure your car’s engine runs properly, which in turn, will positively affect your gas mileage.

Another thing that directly impacts your car’s function and efficiency is its tires. Do your tires look worn, or is the tread nearly gone? If so, it’s time to replace them. Swapping out your old tires for new ones can boost your car’s efficiency and reduce the amount of gas your car needs to run on the open road.

When choosing a set of new tires, look for brands you trust. Many online tire retailers, like TireBuyer.com, make the shopping and delivery process rather simple. Plus, it means not having to get in your vehicle and drive to the nearest auto parts store or mechanic. Additionally, TireBuyer.com can ship your new tires to a local installer.

3. Carefully Inspect Your Home Furniture

Would you knowingly bring harmful, cancer-causing toxins into your home? We didn’t think so. However, some pieces of furniture are secretly slipping past the average person’s radar. According to a Duke University study, during the past 15 years, evidence has shown that flame retardants used in couch foam can be released and accumulate in our living spaces.

Chemicals that have been found in couches have led to diagnoses of ADHD, thyroid disorders and lower IQ scores. Not sure if your couch contains these chemical compounds? Fortunately, there’s a service you can use to find out. While most affected couches have been pulled by manufacturers, there are still plenty sitting and being used every day in countless U.S. homes.

Duke University is taking action with its foam project, a service for U.S. residents who think their couch may contain chemical carcinogens. To use the service, Duke scientists ask participants for a sample of polyurethane foam from their couch, in addition to filling out a questionnaire form, to be sent to their lab. A detailed report in then mailed to participants within six to eight weeks.

Need to replace your couch? Companies like Crate & Barrel are taking measures to provide customers with safe, eco-friendly furniture by minimizing the use of petroleum-based foam.

Do you you have any other suggestions on how to green up your home?

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